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Could that have been "open loop detection in the O2..." If so, your oxygen sensor is burned out. Get a new one and your engine won't run rich.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-07 15:51:40
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Q: What is a open loop detection in the o1 fuel system scanner reads misfire number 3 cyl and system to rich could loss of power be a plugged catalatic converter?
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What would cause misfire in first 1000 revs in 2003 ford expedition?

There are several things that can cause your 2003 or Expedition to misfire. The most common cause is a plugged catalytic converter.

What would cause my 96 Chevy cavalier to sometimes die while driving it after it has been started and stopped a couple of times. than it takes sometimes 10 minutes to get it started?

It could be a plugged fuel filter. Or a plugged catalatic converter. Or a weak coil

If your catalytic converter has a crack can it affect the idol?

I dont believe it will if the converter is cracked but if the converter is plugged it definetly will.

How do you fix a plugged catalytic converter?

You replace it.

What is the code for plugged catalytic converter?


Can a plugged catalytic converter lower power?

Yes, if it is plugged the exhaust can't get out of the engine.

What makes a Saturn not want to take off from a stop?

Take your foot off the brake You may have either a misfire or a plugged catalytic converter. Is the check engine light on or flashing? Does it sputter or is there a loud throaty noise?

What is causing your Toyota pickup to lose power?

Plugged fuel filter? Plugged air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

When to replace cataylic converter on 99 Saturn sc 2?

The life of your catalytic converter depends on the condition of the engine and the fuel you're using. If the fuel has the wrong additives, the catalytic converter can become plugged up. If the engine burns oil the oil vapor will build up on the catalytic converter and it can become plugged. Otherwise, if the catalytic converter isn't plugged, don't replace it.

Why will car RPM not exceed 5?

Plugged fuel/air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

Why does your s10 only go 55mph?

Could be a plugged catalytic converter, plugged fuel filter,

What causes lack of power in a 2001 Honda Civic?

Plugged air filter? Plugged fuel filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

What is the drive cycle for a catalytic converter?

there is no drive cycle for a catalytic converter it could be plugged up....

Why does your 1990 Chevy Camaro rs redline then bog when you drive it?

Plugged fuel filter? Plugged air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

When going into passing gear you loose all power?

Could be a plugged fuel filter, or a plugged air filter, or a plugged catalytic converter.

1999 dodge neon engine has no power?

Plugged air/fuel filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

Your car when driven has not got a lot of power?

Plugged fuel or air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

Catalytic converter turns red?

have the car checked out, it could be a bad o2 sensor or a plugged converter.

Why does your car lose power when it goes into the passing gear?

Plugged fuel filter, plugged air filter, restricted exhaust, plugged catalytic converter.

Will not go to 2000rpms 1993 GMC?

Catalytic converter plugged.

Why does your 1996 ford explorer have little engine power?

Plugged fuel or air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

My 1999 eclipse gs is starting to bog what can be the problem?

Plugged fuel or air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

What all can cause engine power loss in a 1995 Saturn?

A plugged fuel filter, A plugged catalytic converter,

Why would the catalytic converter or diagnostic warning lamp come on on a peugeot 205 1991?

Catalytic converter plugged?

What happens during auto-detection?

During auto-detection, something will search or look for something specific. An example is a computer system that will automatically search for hardware when a new device is plugged into it.