What is a p trap used for in the sink?

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It forms an air lock keeping out sewer gasses.
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Can you use the existing shower drain for a pedestal sink and do you need a trap for the sink since there is already a trap in the floor?

No and yes. Amendment (not from a professional plumber!): If you were simply running the sink drain into the shower drain and if there was not a reduction in pipe size, I woul

Is a P trap necessary in sink drain?

\n. \nYes. It prevents sewer gases from entering by way of the water trapped at the elbow. Gases need an upflow which is eliminated by the P-Trap.\n. \nIt's not a pee trap,

What is the standard size p-trap used for a kitchen sink?

1.50" for kitchen 1.25" for bathroom Good plumbing practices one would use 11/2 in for basins and 2" for kitchen sinks would be ideal to allow for routine snaking an

I am installing a new bathroom sink. How do you install a lavatory p trap?

how to install a bathroom vanity You bought a good bathroomvanity , the next step is to install the vanity set . How to install bathroom vanity ? this is the focus of thi

Why wont a sink drain if the p trap is unclogged?

after the p trap your drain line usually goes back into the wall then turns and goes down under your floor, runs across under floor usually over towards your laundry room or t