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pain calendeau is a type of bread that all french people have on Christmas Eve

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What should one do with a pain calendeau?

Give it to a poor person.

What do frenchmen do with pain calendeau?

shove it up your a s s

Who are the Six Paths of Pain?

The Six Paths of Pain are: Animal Pain Asura Pain Deva Pain Human Pain Naraka Pain and Preta Pain.

What is the difference between projected pain and referred pain?

Projected Pain is pain that has been localized incorrectly due to the ascending pain pathway. For example, pain in your throat sensed as pain in your ear. Referred pain is when there is visceral pain (pain originated from your organs) which is sensed as superficial pain. For example, pain in your kidney sensed as back pain.

Difference between radiating pain and referred pain?

Radiating pain is pain near location of stimulus while referred pain is pain at another site from where the pain is.

What are the two components of pain?

The 2 components of pain are fast pain, and slow pain. Fast pain is a sharp, localized pain and slow pain is dull and diffused and mostly unpleasant.

Is GI pain the same as abdominal pain?

Correct, gastrointestinal pain is abdominal pain.

Is pain in French le pain or la pain?

Le pain (masculine noun)

What is dull pain?

Do you mean "to dull your pain" or do you mean "I have a dull pain in my arm"? "I have a dull pain in my arm" means that the pain is like an ache. A sharp pain almost feels like a stab of pain through a part or parts of your body. It could also mean that your pain has faded. "to dull your pain" Could mean to distract you from your pain or take medicine such as pain killers to make the pain less noticible to you.

What are the different types of somatogenic pain?

Pain that is caused by organic diseases and disorders is known as somatogenic pain. Somatogenic pain in turn can be subdivided into nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain.

Is 'pain' masculine or feminine?

le pain

What is recommended to get rid of this pain as a first pain?

pain killer

How is acute pain defined?

Nociceptive pain, or the pain that is transmitted by nociceptors, is typically called acute pain.

Medial and lateral pain system in pain processing?

Fast pain messages travel along the lateral pain system. Slower pain messages travel along the medial pain system.

What does moderate to severe pain mean?

it is basically ranking your pain. So pain can be mild meaning you have a little pain moderate: meaning its worst than a mild ache or pain but still not severe Severe pain meaning you are in excruciating pain

What is the difference between referred pain radiating pain and projected pain?

Referred pain (also reflective pain) is pain perceived at a location other than the site of the painful stimulus.Radiation is different from referred pain. The pain related to the location of stimulus and radiate to another site

How does fast pain different from slow pain?

Fast pain is felt within 0.1 seconds after receiving stimulus while slow pain can take up to multiple seconds to a minute. fast pain is also called as acute pain or pricking pain and it doesn't deeply effect the tissue while slow pain can effect deeper and can damage tissues. Slow pain can also be called as throbbing pain or aching pain

What happens when you are in pain?

you are in pain

Define the physiology of pain classifications of pain and treatment of pain?


What does abatement of pain mean?

Abatement of pain is the same as reduction of pain.

What are pain killers?

pain killers are a type of drug that relieves pain

The song with the lyrics of pain without love pain i can't get enough pain?

"Pain" is by Three Days Grace.

How do you say Pain in Navajo?

Neezgai is "to be painful" or to give paindiniih -- painshijéí diniih-- my heart painNeezgaigo baa 'íít'i' - to have a piercing pain

Which neurotransmitter blocks pain and which one transmits pain?

serotonin and endorpins block pain and substance P transmit pain

Best pain killer for stomach pain?

stomach pain in near testis