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What is a palindrome for a small dog or puppy?


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A good dog treat for a puppy is either a small dog cookie or a soft toy. These are great treats because it has minimal chance of harming the puppy, while it can be enjoyable.

Yes but usually its a small dog. Once in awhile a medium or large dog will only have one. Yes but when a dog has only one puppy the puppy is usally very small and that's ok but the reason being is that the dog is not as mature as a dog would be if it had other brothers or sisters the dog will be fine there is nothing wrong with the puppy so make sure you keep it and don't get it put down or get read of it because of that

The palindrome for small child is 'tot'

puppies and small dogs are the same right ? unless a puppy compared to a small but grown chiwawa then yes a puppy does have a faster heart beat

Raccoons rarely will take a dog but may occasionally take a small puppy.

I do have a puppy dog.

rug rug if small dog or woof woof if big dog

You can tell by how big your puppys paw is. Big paw= Big Dog Small Paw=Small Dog

it depends where you live,how old are you,do you want a big or small dog

a small dog like a weenie dog or a pug something small and cute

The Stages of a dogFirst stage: puppy small and red but not able to see or hearSecond stage: puppy is able to see and hear but not walkThird stage: puppy can walk,see and hearFourth :stage immature dogFifth stage: Mature dog

A rabbit can get up to as big as a puppy DOG

Perhaps, if the dog was very small, or a puppy but it is unlikely that a hawk would bother a dog.

He wanted a small, cuddly dog. Unfortunately it was a Great Dane puppy!

Dog is an adult and puppy is a child

Un petit chien is a small dog / puppy in French.

A puppy is a young dog, usually a dog is considered a puppy until around 1 year. A adult dog is a fully grown dog.

Kayak is another word for a small boat that is also a palindrome.

Kayak is another word for a small canoe that is also a palindrome.

"Puppy" in afrikaans is "Hondtjie" or "baba hondtjie" which litterally means "little dog" or "baby dog" respectivly. The 'tjie' sound on the end of 'hond' ('hond' means 'dog') is a 'small-ification'. You can put 'tjie' on the back of basically any word, in order to 'small-ify'

A puppy is a dog below the age of one year.a puppy is smaller.

you could be allergic to puppy or an adult dog

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