What is a papal marquis?

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A papal marquis is a layman who has received a high title of

nobility from the reigning pope. As Heads of State the popes are

competent to create nobles and confers knighthoods and other

decorations. All are recognised in international law. The papal

noble titles range from duke and duchess to marquis, to count and

countess. These noble titles are rarely conferred today. however,

Pope John Paul II did make several creations. Papal knighthoods are

given out regularly. American financier George MacDonald was

created a papal marquis for his generosity towards the church and

its charity. Rose Kennedy was created a papal countess in the early

1950s. Irish tenor John McCormick was a papal count. Genevieve

Brady, a wealthy Long Island patron of Vatican charities was

created a papal duchess.

Papal orders of knighthood include the Order of Christ, Order of

The Golden Spur, Order of Pius, Order of St Gregory, Order of St

Sylvester and the Order of The Holy Sepulcher.

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