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What is a parallelagram with four 90 angles?

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A rectangle or a square.

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A parallelagram with four right angles?

a trapizoid(:? i think!!(::

Does a rhombus have four 90 angles?

does a rhombus have four 90 angles

Does a parallelagram have right angles?

Not necessarily, but it can.

What is a parallelogram with four 90 degre angles?

A parallelogram with four 90 degre angles is called rectangle.

How many acute angles are there in a parallelagram?

A parallelogram has 0 or 2 acute angles. If the parallelogram happens to have four right-angled corners, it is still a parallelogram (and a rectangle), but no acute angles.

If home plate has four 90 dagree angles what is the measure of the other two angles?

If it has four 90 degree angles, than it's a square, and therfore only has four angles.

Parallelagram with four right angles?

Rectangle.Note:It's enough to say that it has one right angle, and the result is the same.

How many angles do a square have?

Four 90 degree angles.

What four angles does a rectangle have?

All 4 angles are 90 degree angles.

Is a quadrilaeral a parallelagram?

yes, when opposite angles and sides are congruent

How many angles a square has?

A square has four 90 degree angles.

What are the angles of a square?

all four angles of square are of 90 degree

What is the number of angles in a square?

Four 90 degree angles in a square

A parallelogram with four equal sides and four 90 degree angles?

A square is a parallelogram with 4 equal sides and 4 90 degree angles.

How many 90 degree angles does a sqare have?

A square has four 90 degree angles at each corner

What is the sum of the angles of a squere?

Each of the four angles of a square is 90 degrees. 90 x 4 = 360

What is the difference between a parallelagram and a rectangle?

A rectangle has 4 right angles whereas a parallelogram has no right angles.

Is a square a 90 degree angle?

A square is a four-sided figure with four 90-degree angles.

Does a rectangle have more sides or angles?

Actually, there are four sides to a rectangle, but also four 90 degree angles (right angles). They have the same.it has more angles than sides there are four 90 degree angles and there are also the outside angles as well which are 250 degrees.No because a rectangle has 4 sides and 4 right angles

Quadrilaterals with four right angles?

The answer is a rectangle because the angles in a rectangle add up to 360`, since a right angle measures 90`. Then four times 90` (4 * 90`=360`).

What is a rhombus with four 90 degree angles called?

An impossibility but a square and a rectangle have four interior right angles.

How many angles does a rectangle have what are the four angels?

A rectangle has four (4) angles and they are all right (90 degrees)

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