What is a pauper's grave?

A Pauper's grave is basically a cheap grave where poor people -commonly used in reference to musicians /artists who left this world with little money- are buried.

A Pauper's grave in not a cheap grave and should not be treated as cheap. It is a free burial for someone that has no money to bury their family or used for an unknown . Otherwise know as a County Burial. Cemeteries have always had a Pauper grave section and is still used today. Very poor people did not have the money to bury their family and they still died. The United States Great Depression had many pauper burials as families were starving, and with no money for food, there was no money to bury their family. There should not be any shame in a pauper grave burial. Family still can gather monies together and put a headstone on their family member in the Pauper Section, no matter how many years it takes. It also does not matter if it is in the Pauper Grave Section, headstones are always excepted by the cemeteries. I have added a grave marker to a pauper burial in my family, 90 years after death and I do visit his grave.