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No fail choc chip cookies

3/4 cup white and brown sugar

2 sticks of butter unsalted room temp

1 egg

mix then in separate bowel mix

2 1/4 c flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp backing soda

mix flour into sugar mixture add 12 oz choc chips plop on cookie sheet don't form into balls just spoon good helping on to cookie sheet. Bake 350 oven for about 8-10 min. This recipe has never failed me. fantastic cookies.
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Where did the chocolate chip cookie recipe come from?

You bake them!

What is mrs.claus favorite cookie recipe?

It is chocolate chip cookies

Where did the chocolate chip cookie cake come from?

Nestle is one of the oldest companies to put a recipe for cookie cake on their bag. There is no known inventor of the chocolate chip cookie cake.

Where can one find an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe?

One can find an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe when one visits the site of Baker Bettie. It features recipe for a 5 ingredient easy chocolate chip cookie. One can also try the site of All Recipes and one can find a lot of recipes that suit one's needs.

What is a better flavor chocolate or mint chocolate chip?

The best is the Toll House cookie recipe.

What happens when flour is left out of chocolate chip cookie recipe?

It goes flat.

Is a sugar cookie the same as a chocolate chip with out chocolate chips?

No, the cookie recipe for sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies are different. The basic difference is that sugar cookies are made with all white granulated sugar and the chocolate chip recipe is made with half granulated white and half brown sugars. See the links below for a basic recipe for each.

What is the best chocolate chip cookie?

Here is a link for amazing chocolate chip cookies. Its just the Nestle Toll House recipe. See Related Links for a link to the recipe.

What are facts about the first chocolate chip cookie?

the first chocolate chip cookie was an accedent!!! the first chocolate chip cookie was an accedent!!!

Should you eat a chocolate chip cookie or a sugar cookie?

chocolate chip cookie

How do you make chocolate chip cookies without eggs?

What is a chocolate chip cookie?

A chocolate chip cookie is a regular cookie, but with small pieces of chocolate in it!(chocolate chip cookies are really good if they are warm, and dipped in chocolate)

What is a good recipe for a chocolate chip cookie?

There are several good recipes for chocolate chip cookies. The most famous is probably the Tollhouse recipe, which can be found on various cooking and baking blogs.

What is the most requested recipe from better homes and gardens?

Probably the Neiman and Marcus Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.

Name a type of cookie that mom has a favorite recipe for?

chocolate chip peanut butter

What will happen if you leave sugar out of a chocolate chip cookie recipe?

It'll taste weird

Can you leave cornstarch out of a chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Ive never put cornstarch in choc chip cookies Never seen it in any recipe.

How were the chocolate chip cookies invented?

By accident. The lady who invented them was trying to take a shortcut. She put chunks of chocolate into the cookie dough. She thought it would melt and spread out to make a chocolate cookie. She was trying to skip the step of melting the chocolate and then blending it into the cookie dough. Her original recipe is still available on the back of Nestle chocolate chip bags. It is the original Tollhouse Cookie Recipe.

How many kilojoules are in a chocolate chip cookie?

there is no kilojoules in chocolate chip cookie.

Does every chocolate chip cookie recipe need brown-sugar?

No, but brown sugar definitely helps the recipe

Is there a chocolate chip cookie recipe without vanilla?

Technically, no, all chocolate chip cookie recipes will contain vanilla because chocolate chips themselves contain vanilla. Most cookie dough recipes call for vanilla because it enhances the chocolate flavour, but additional vanilla in the cookie dough is not required.

How many carbs are in a chocolate chip cookie?

There are 48 carbs in a chocolate chip cookie

What are some predictions about chocolate chip cookies?

Once detected, chocolate chip cookies tend to vanish rather quickly.I haven't yet met a chocolate chip cookie that I didn't like.There is nothing to fear but other chocolate chip cookie eaters.To hunt the chocolate chip cookie, you must becomethe chocolate chip cookie.

What will happen if you make chocolate chip cookies without any eggs?

The typical chocolate chip cookie recipe such as the Toll House Cookie recipe would result in a rather hard, dry cookie if made without eggs. With some adjustments, one could make something resembling a brown sugar shortbread dotted with chocolate.

Where can one find a chocolate cookie recipe?

If one were making a desert and wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, one might be in search of a recipe. In fact many recipes for chocolate chip cookies can be found on the Betty Crocker website.