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A paper that saying you can work even doe u are under 16 but must be 15 years old to get one or in highschool go and get one from your school guidance counselor or the office they will give you one.

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Q: What is a permit?
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What are the steps in getting your permit in California?

Your permit for what? -building permit, shipping permit for dangerous goods, marriage permit - - -

Hi does anybody know how old you have to be to get your permit in MA?

Driving permit? Gun permit? Building permit?

How can you use permit in sentences?

I have a permit to drive this car. I'm about to get my permit.

If your permit expires can you get your license?

If your permit expires you have to re-get your permit and then get your license, which is what I had to do.

When can you get your learners permit?

The earliest you can get your permit is your fifteenth birthday, but then you can get your permit anytime after that.

What is another word for permit?

permit as in allow or permit as in provisional drivers license

Where are some places were you can get your permit?

Your permit to do what, and where?

How do you abbreviate the word 'Permit'?


What score do you need to pass a Georgia permit?

Permit for what? Learners permit for driving is 80%

Is fl permit valid to be renewed to a mass permit?

No. Every permit has different requirements.

In Minnesota can you buy a handgun without a permit?

No. You either have to have a permit to carry or a permit to purchase.

Is the word permit a noun?

The word "permit" can be a noun (My permit is posted on the wall.) or a verb (I cannot permit you to cut up my drivers' license.)

What is the difference between a learners permit and a permit?

There is no difference in a learners permit and a permit. People just say permit because it is shorter than saying learners permit.A permit or learners permit lets you drive with an adult of 21 or over with a valid license.A drivers license lets you drive by yourself without the adult.

What is the verb of permit?

Permit is a verb. It has accent on the second syllable -- perMIT.She will not permit me to smoke in the house.Permit is a noun. It has the accent on the first syllable -- PERmitI need a permit to build garage.

Can you make a sentence for permit?

Please permit me to answer this for you. You'll need a permit for that! My hunting permit expired last month.

Is permit an adjective?

No, it is a verb or noun. The noun "permit" (authorization) may be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns (permit parking, permit application).

Can you live in wa and get a gun permit in or?

What kind of permit, exactly? If you mean a permit for purchasing a handgun, no.

What do you have to do to get your permit?

What permit? Work permit? Parking permit? Permit to hold an event? Run a business? You have to be more specific.

Do you need a permit to park a motorcyle on Harvard's campus?

A parking permit is required to park on Harvard's campus. They offer a regular car permit, and also a motorcycle permit which is a little cheaper than a car permit.

Can you get a permit at age 14 in nc?

A permit for what?

Is a drivers permit considered a commercial license in Texas?

What type of permit? A CDL permit is, yes. A regular learner's permit is not. As with a full CDL, you're required to maintain a current DOT medical card with a CDL permit.

How do i get the uk work permit?

To obtain a UK work permit you need to apply for one on the UK work permit website.You can apply for a UK work permit by submitting an application on the UK work permit website.

How old do you need to be to get your permit in Kentucky?

If you mean your driver's permit, then you need to be 14 or 15 to get your driver's permit.

Cost of a seller's permit in CA?

There is no charge for a sellers permit in California. All that is required is an application for a permit.

What is the base word of permission?