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Anything not attached to or part of the vehicle. Your personal belongings - and anyone else's belongings in the car - are still yours and cannot be held. If they are, it's considered theft in many states.

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Q: What is a person allowed to take out of a impounded vehicle that they cant pay storage fees on?
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Is bank liable for lot rent prior to date of repossession?

Your question is a bit confusing. There are a couple possible scenarios, and a couple of possible answers. If you rent a parking space, and the vehicle is repossessed, then no. The lenderis not responsible for the debt you encurred. If the vehicle has been impounded, and has remained in storage long enough to have accrued storage fees, then the bank must pay those fees before they can recover the vehicle. However, those fees will be transferred to you, the contracted borrower and the person who allowed the vehicle to be impounded. If the vehicle is being held on a mechanic's lien, the same situation. The bank will pay the lien and transfer that cost to you.

How does a person find out if their vehicle is impounded?

The easiest method is to call the impound lot in the jurisdiction where the vehicle was last located.

Can tow truck driver repo vehicle while a person is in it in their driveway?

Yes but he is not allowed to tow the vehicle with a person in it.

What are South Carolina laws concerning expired vehicle registration?

A person who acquires a new vehicle or an owner of a foreign vehicle being moved into the state has 45 days to register the vehicle. Additionally a fine may be levied for a vehicle that has an expired registration and could be impounded and towed.

How long can a car be impounded for if you loan it to someone who does not have a license?

Depends on where it happens. In California, the vehicle can be forfeited (as in taken forever) if the person driving it has a prior for driving without a license.

Can the title owner sell the car?

The person listed on the title is the only person allowed to sell the vehicle.

What happens to your license plate after your car gets repossessed in South Carolina?

The person(s) whose name(s) appear on the title of the vehicle should remove the license plate(s) before the vehicle is impounded by the repossession agent.

Will an impounded vehicle be turned to the lien holder?

Not unless the lien holder goes and retrieves it from impound themselves. The reimbursement of government fees (federal, state, or municipal) outweighs the priorities of the lienholder. When a vehicle goes into impound, the agency which impounded the vehicle puts their own lien on it, and that lien takes priority over the original lien. If the vehicle is not retrieved from impound, it will be auctioned off, and the lien holder basically gets shafted in the process. The person who took the lien out on the vehicle will owe the remaining balance still, and one of the money the agency auctioning the vehicle makes will go towards reducing the amount owed to the lien holder. To that end, you're better to let the lien holder repossess the vehicle and auction it, rather than have it impounded.

Can i get my personal items from my vehicle if it has been reposed?

No if you have signed the contract/order it is no longer your vehicle so you are not allowed unless the person who now owns the vehicle lets you

What are penalties for driving without valid vehicle registration in Virginia?

A person caught driving without a valid vehicle registration will be given a ticket and their car may be impounded. If a person gets the car properly registered before the court date they may not have to pay the ticket but will have to pay the impound fee.

Can your car get impounded if drugs where found on the person and not in your car?

Usually that won't happen. The main reasons cars get impounded are: A) The driver has a warrant and nobody to pick it up, B) License is suspended and nobody else is allowed to drive (should there be passengers w/out licenses). or C) The car is unsafe to drive in the first place.

Is it legal for my car to get impounded for not having a driver's license when my wife was sitting next to me with her license?

If you are not licensed and are caught driving, in most cases you will be arrested and the car will be impounded. While officers sometimes have discretion to release the vehicle to another licensed driver or to write you a citation instead of making an arrest, this isn't always so, or they may opt not to use their discretion. It is certainly legal for the car to be impounded even if a licensed driver is available. If you have a license but simply don't have it on your person, most states do not provide for arrest and impounding of the vehicle if the officer can confirm that you are in fact a licensed driver.

Can a vehicle be repossessed if you allowed a military person to take over vehicle payments and he has not paid anything?

it doesn't matter if the pope takes over your vehicle payments. if he stops making them, your credit is damaged and the vehicle is repossessed.

Can your disabled parking permit be used in your car onlyor on your sons car when he drives you?

the permit is for the disabled person,not the vehicle. you are allowed to use it for any vehicle you ride in or drive.

Can a person be sued for storage fees after they transfer their title to the towing company?

If the car was stored for any length of time before the title transfer, the answer is yes. * If the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle (not simply the value of the vehicle) did not cover the storage fees, the storage company could sue for the amount still owed, unless there was a contract where deficiency recovery was waived.

If your car is impounded what is the law regarding notification before they can sell your car at a lien sale auction?

For any car that is impounded (not available for release without a police OK) or stored (available for release to the registered owner without a police OK), a written or verbal notice must be given to the party from whom it was taken. If no verbal notice of the vehicle was given to the person who had custody of the vehicle at the time of impound/storage - a notice must be mailed(15-20 days) to the last registered owner and legal owner (loan holder). If the storage fees and any back DMV fees (if any) are not paid within generally 30 days, the tow company may sell the car for lien fees. Notice of the impending sale is to be sent to the registered and legal owners prior to the transfer of title due to the lien sale.

Where is alarm horn relay for 1976 corvette?

A person should know the location of the fuses and relays in a vehicle. The alarm horn relay is usually found in the relay box of the vehicle, next to the passenger storage box.

A Class D license permits a person to drive what type of vehicles?

A Class D license permits a person to drive any single vehicle, provisionally, with weight restrictions. For example any vehicle not exceeding 26,000 pounds is allowed to be driven.

In 4-square is the ball allowed to hit your body?

No-it is not allowed to hit a person or the person who hit it is out. No-it is not allowed to hit a person or the person who hit it is out.

Do you still have to pay for a car if you do a voluntary repossession in the state of Virginia?

Yes.. anywhere. When a vehicle gets repossessed (voluntarily or involuntarily) and it isn't reclaimed, the vehicle gets auctioned... the person who took the loan on the vehicle is still responsible for the difference between what was received for the vehicle at auction and what is owed on the balance of the vehicle (plus repossession, storage, and auction fees).

You get a notice from police that your car was impounded but the towing company released it to the wrong person?

Sounds like grand theft auto to me .

Can a person less tha 57 inches tall allowed to drive a car?

Yes, you can get your license and drive a car. You will have to adapt the vehicle for your small size.

Can a cop let you drive off if he gives you a ticket for driving on revokes?

That is a discretionary call by the officer issuing the citation. Some agencies have a policy where any vehicle driven by a person with no license or with a suspended or revoked license is impounded. That policy takes care of the "drive off" question.

Is there any way i could get my car back after it was impounded and sold already?

find the person that bought it and ask to bye it back............Bingo

Is an underaged driver covered if he is driving a vehicle owned by another person if that person is not in the vehicle?