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An osteopath is a Doctor Who specilaises in fractures and other bone-related illnesses.

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What are french exams called?

les examens

What does the french word examens mean?

examinations / exams

How i finish my exam?

Exam Edge prépare les clients à leurs examens de certification grâce à leurs examens de pratique en ligne exclusifs qui sont conçus pour se sentir comme les vrais examens et donner des explications détaillées pour chaque question une fois les examens terminés.

What is another word for pass in french?

To pass an exam = réussir aux examens

What is French for good luck with your exams?

Bonne chance avec vos examens

What do you call a person who hunts for dinosaur bones?

A person that hunts dinosaur bones is called a paleontologist.

Can a person live without bones?

No. A person without bones would just be a pile of flesh on the floor. It may be possible for a person to move without bones, but not very fast or far. Plus, a person without bones has no skull or teeth, and therefore can't eat.

What is the person called who finds dinosaur bones?

A person who works with and finds dinosaur bones professionally is called a Paleontologist.

What happens to the bones of a person as he grows older?

bones get rusty

Who is on the cover of City of bones?

The person on City of Bones is Jace.

What are the extra bones that sometimes develop between the flat bones of the skull called?

Sutural bones, which are small, flat, odd-shaped bones found between the bones of the skull are also referred to as Wormian bones. Amount of Wormian bones on the skull differ from person to person.

How we say Did you finish your exams in French?

Avez-vous terminé vos examens?

How do you say good luck for exams in french?

bonne chance pour les examens

How do you say Good Luck on your French exam?

Bonne chance pour tes examens !

How many bones in a fully grown person?

there are 29328 bones in your body.

How many bones does an adult person have?

adults have about 209 bones in their body.

Does a horse have more bones than a person?

No, The horse has 205 bones and there are 206 bones in the human skeleton

Are all human bones the same size in diameter do women have the same size bones or are some bigger boned smaller bone?

Bones are different for everyone. The size of bones in the body differs from person to person.

Good luck in your exams my friend?

bonne chance pour tes / pour vos examens

How do you say I prepare for my exams in French?

"Je me prépare pour mes examens"

How many bones in baby?

There are 275 bones at birth.As a person grows,many of these bones fused together.In the adult,it is composed of 206 bones.

How many bones a person have?

The human body contains a total of 206 bones.

Who wrote funny bones?

The person who wrote Funny Bones is Allen Ahlberg

What do you call a person who studies bones?

A person who studies human bones may be known as an Osteologist. Physical anthropologists may also study human bones. People who study animal bones from archaeological sites are known as zooarchaeologists.

How are bones of a baby different from a grown person?

The bones of a baby are different from a grown person in that they are not completely formed. The many bones of the skull have not fused yet. Many of these bones are made of cartilage and are not ossified yet. A baby has more than 300 bones while an adult as 206.