What is a person who hires a car is called?

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all fuel used in the hire vehicles is the hirer's responsibility
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Can a person of 19 years hire a car in the UK?

No you can't hire at 19 years in the, or at least it very unlikely. Generally car hire companies will not hire to anyone less that 21 years. This is in order to keep their ins

What do you call a person who drives a car for a person?

A Chauffeur is a person employed to drive a vehicle. The term'chauffeur' comes from the French word for stoker. This is becausethe earliest automobiles were steam-powered and

What do you call a person who drives a car?

A chauffeur or taxier/taxi-driver drives a car for someone else, for payment in return. A driver, automobilist or vehiclist drives their own car. A passenger, customer (driven

What is a person who hires workers called?

At a very basic level the person who hires workers is called the employer. In big companies, the person who hires people may be called the Employment Manager, Human Relatio

How does a person hire in a job in call center agent?

hire me bacause im a good person and i have a unique strong technical skeels and i have the abillity to build a long term calls to the costomers and i know that your company w

Where can a person hire a car in Barcelona?

There are a number of companies one can hire a care from in Barcelona. One can hire from 'Europcar' and collect from the airport. One can also hire a car from 'Do You Spain'.
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What company can one call if they want to hire a car?

If you would like to hire a car, some options for car rental companies are Enterprise, Hertz, and Budget Car. These companies offer car rental options for short and long term
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What do you call a person who drives your car?

A driver is usually called a driver but if the person is in uniformand you sit in the back seat, she or he is called a chauffeur.