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There are many such hard shelled insects, mostly beetles.

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Q: What is a pesky hard shelled insect?
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What kind of insect is hard-shelled with red diamond shape on it lower back?


What kind of insect is hard shelled with red diamond shape on it lower back?

an abdement bug

What is a pesky insect?

The word pesky means annoying. A lot of insects annoy people, but two at the top of the list are flies and mosquitoes.

I have a Tan spider with a hard shelled body what kind of spider could this be?

What exactly do you mean by "hard shelled?"

A hard shelled sea creature that starts with the prefix bar?

A hard shelled sea creature is the barnacle.

What animal lays hard shelled eggs?

The ostrich lays hard shelled eggs. They are the largest of all eggs.

What insect did I see in Miami that was two inch long red hard shelled centipeded like and curled up in a ball when touched?

a rolie polie if it was black

Are platypus eggs hard or squishy?

Platypus eggs are not hard-shelled, like birds' eggs. They are soft-shelled and leathery.

What is a hard shelled fruit?


Do birds lay hard shelled eggs?

Yes,birds lay hard shelled eggs to protect the baby bird inside the shell.

What red-shelled insect is the bane of rose gardeners?

Red spider mite

Can hard shelled turtles breathe underwater?


Which animal produces a hard-shelled egg that matures outside the mother?

One animal that lays hard shelled eggs is a chicken, and Robin

What king of insect is a small round hard shelled black spotted bug?

A beetle is a small round bug with a hard shell. There are several beetles that are black spotted. One example of a black spotted beetle is a lady bug.

What does hard shelled blue crab eat?


Are hard Taco shells authentic?

yes, hard shelled tacos are the traditional mexican ones, soft shelled tacos are technically not even tacos but burritos or enchiladas instead

Hard-shelled reptiles that live only on land?

most box turtles

What is a hard shelled reptile that lives only on land?


What is a hard shelled reptiles that lives only on land?

A tortoise.

Are nuts a vegtable or fruit?

Nuts are a hard shelled fruit.

Are pumpkin seeds a nut?

No, a nut is a hard shelled fruit.

Tiny black brown spotted hard shelled bug?

A weevil is a black and brown spotted hard shelled bug. Weevils are well-known for being damaging to an array of crops.

How do I get rid of many Very small black crawling hard shelled bugs?

Black beetles can be a pest in a persons house or garden. To get rid of them, a person can use many insect repellants, and killers that can bought at stores.

What are hard shelled animals starting with letter c?

crab dah

What are the main features of birds?

the have feathers and lay hard shelled eggs