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In Physics
A photocell is an sensor that is supplied by a power feed and switches a load e.g:500W light when it becomes dark, letting electricity flow from mains side to the load side of the sensors relay therefore activating the light.
A photocell is just that. Photo means light. It can control a door buzzer or light the porch when some one come up to the house. It changes resistance with incident light. A circuit can be built to use that change.
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Are there photocells that are sensitive to laser light only?

No. Light is light. A: It's the wavelength that photodiodes are sensitive too. Specs vary widely, so photo emmitters have to be matched with photodiodes, or they won't 'see the light' This comes in handy when using your IR remote on a fairly bright day. If your TV could see all light, it would ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a photocell on your outdoor light post?

Answer . Turn off the power to the lamppost circuit at the breaker box. . Unscrew the mounting screws holding the lamp in place, and pull the lamp fixture from the post. Remove the wire nuts, and use the circuit tester to be sure the power is off. . Disconnect the wires to the fixture and the p ( Full Answer )

How are photocells and thermocouple cells powered?

photocells are powered by the intensity of light. When we put the photocells in light the free electrons of the photocell move fast in other words they get the energy from light due to which their amplitude increases and they pass the electric charge rapidly hence the photocells are generate the pow ( Full Answer )

How do photocells work?

Photocell consists of two special pieces of silicon joined together.. Pure silicon is neaturally charged but if small amount of an impurity such as phosphurus is added, ther are more free electron which make this a better conductor than pure silicon.. This is known as n-type (negative) silicon. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a photocell and a photovoltaic cell?

Photo cell is the most common name This is of three types. Photoelectric cell where as light falls electrons get emitted Photo conductive cell has a property of change in conductivity as light falls on Photo voltaic is the one where voltage is produced as electrons get transferred from one region t ( Full Answer )

What is the function of a photocell?

There is a lot of things when you talked about photocell... well in electronics world of terms the main functions of photocell are for sensing which provides limits or safety.

What are the disadvantages of photocells?

well the disadvantages of photocells are that they are . Inefficient . They don't work in the dark or in low light conditions . They are expensive to used . And it takes time to set them up and for them to start working.

4 advantages of photocells?

Photocell are able to store energy for long periods of time work in remote areas are cheaper than fuel in the long run green solution for renewable energy

Advantages and disadvantages of photocells?

Advantages - They generate free power anywhere where sunlight is available - Sturdy - No moving parts - they can be set up and left alone for a while and can be engineered to withstand the rigours of a desert or of space Disadvantages - "Inefficient". Well, OK, sunlight is free...but who ( Full Answer )

How does photocells work?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters . Actually "photocell" can refer to lots of different things and you are talking about two of them! Let's agree that photocell means "thing that is sensitive to light". 1) A light dependent resistor uses a chemical (typically a Cadmium compound like cadmium sulfid ( Full Answer )

What is photocells?

answer 2 A photocell is a device that converts light energy into electrical output. From memory (?) selenium cells were the early photodetectors used on ancient photo equipment. (My Weston photo meter.) It was not too difficult to improve on the selenium photocells. Nowadays we are spoilt fo ( Full Answer )

What is a photocell used for?

In a photovoltaic cell, light is used to produce voltage. In a photoconductive cell, light is used to regulate the flow of current. Photocells are used in control systems, where interrupting a beam of light opens a circuit, actuating a relay that supplies power to a mechanism to bring about a desire ( Full Answer )

How do photocells convert light energy into electrical energy?

When photocells convert light energy into electrical energy many things happen. Most photocells contain silicon atoms. As long as a light shines on the photocell, electrons gain enough energy to move between atoms. The electrons are then able to move though a wire to provide electrical energy to a d ( Full Answer )

What difference between photocell and solar cell?

A photocell is a resistor. It is often used as a switch triggered by a change in the light striking it. A solar cell Is an electric device that converts the energy of sunlight into electrical energy through the photovoltaic (PV) process.

What are Advantages and disadvantages of using photocells to generate electricity?

The good reasons of having a photocell in a park are that it can be left alone once set up, can get energy for free (form the sun), it can store energy for long periods of time, but were there are advantages there are also disadvantages, which are it doesn't gain as much power at night or in low lig ( Full Answer )

Where to buy a 12v photocell switch?

try maplin UK , Maplin is great if you want to build one from components on a printed circuit board. If you need a professional one try acetek.co.UK or dusk-to-dawn-switches.com

Who invented photocells?

Abraham Oliver Tidwell. Signed and approved by Ronald Regan back when he was in office. My name is Carmelle Stowers Tidwell and I am his grandaughter and have in my posseion signed documentation as proof that my grandfather designed the way they work.

What current does photocells produce?

It depends on the cell and the load on the cell. You can't just say like "HOW MUCH CURRENT DO DEM DERE SOLEER CEELS MAKE"

What is the definition of a photocell?

A solid-state device that converts light into electrical energy byproducing a voltage, as in a photovoltaic cell, or uses light toregulate the flow of current, as in a photoconductive cell: used inautomatic control systems for doors, lighting, etc. By smarty

Do led floodlights work with a photocell?

A: Photocell and LED cannot work directly because these are different devices. But yes each independently can work as a unit all you need is some buffering.

Can a led work as a photocell?

If you mean a photovoltaic cell, then no. A photovoltaic cell requires a metalloid to function. The metalloid such as silicon can take on two different types: negative silicon or positive silicon which provides for a slight electric potential. Photons emitted from the sun excite electrons on the sur ( Full Answer )

How is photocell connected to lamps as a switch?

The photocell would typically control a relay. The power to the lamp would go to one pole of the relay and the lamp to the other. The common wire and ground would go directly to the lamp. The relay would be normally open and would close when the light energy on the photocell decreased to an amount t ( Full Answer )

How a photocell generates electricity?

When the p and n are joined together they form what is called the "p-n junction." When they are joined some of the electrons from the n side of the junction move to the p side. When certain kinds of light hit the photovoltaic cell, some of the electrons move from the p side to the n side. In both ca ( Full Answer )

What is the difference from between the voltage from the photocells and the voltage used in the home?

Voltage coming from a single photovoltaic cell is around 0.5 volts or the equivalent of a dead AA battery from your remote. It also moves in a straight line. This is called DC or Direct Current. The power Coming out of the outlet in your house is 120 volt that is equal to 240 photovoltaic cells or s ( Full Answer )

Why are photocells used in parking meters?

More modern parking meters are generically called multispace meters (as opposed to single space meters) and control multiple spaces per block (typically 8-12) or lot (unlimited). While with these meters the parker may have to walk several car lengths to the meter, there are significant benefits in t ( Full Answer )

Is the photocell convert light energy into electrical energy?

Yes.. There are three types. 1. photo emissive - here as light falls electrons are emitted. 2. photo voltaic - here as light falls a voltage is developed. 3. photo conductive - here conductivity changes as light falls on it

Where can a photocell be purchased from?

A photo cell can be purchased from a variety of different locations. These include electronics retailers, as well as online sources such as Amazon or eBay.