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What is a photographers job?

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Its hard work you have to left at least 10 to 20 pounds you have to be able to operate whit arms hands lags some time it all depends on your type of Photography

Its hard work you have to left at least 10 to 20 pounds you have to be able to operate whit arms hands lags some time it all depends on your type of photography

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What do photographers do in their job?

They take pictures

Job benefits for photographers?

you get to travel and see the world

What will be your Salary table for photographers?

It's all over the place. Every company that hires photographers pays different. The photographers at places like the photo studio at Walmart are on commission, because that's more a sales job than a photography job. Also, many photographers have their own businesses, and make however much they can make.

Where can one find cheap wedding photographers?

Cheap wedding photographers can generally be found on the YellowPages photographers. Independent photographers are generally cheaper than professional companies. One can also get a friend or family member to do the job for little to no pay.

What is the working conditions for fashion photographers?

Fashion photographers conditions vary from job to job. Some shoots are done at studios and some are done outdoors. Location shots can be exciting and very creative for photographers. Working hours can vary from a quick 30 minutes for a shoot to 10+ hours easily. Fashion photographers need to be creative and work well with a team.

How do photographers use math in their job?

Photographers use math in ways like, they have to look at the shutter speed. Also they need angles. They need to change pixels sometimes too.

What is the collective noun news photographers?

There is no specific collective nouns for news photographers but there are collective nouns for photographers:a clique of photographersa flash of paparazzia snap of photographers

Who takes photos for catalogues?

People get hired for the job and photographers usually take the shots of the models in the catalogue.

What are the normal hours of a full time professional photographer?

Whats the avrage hours of a photographer? Photographers work whenever there is light. No, really, in all seriousness, photography is such a wide-ranging field that it is really impossible to come up with 'average' hours. And if we could come up with a number, it would be meaningless. There are free-lance photographers, journalist photographers, portrait photographers, fine-arts oriented photographers, nature photographers that work independently or who might land a dream job with National Geographic, and there are many, many other branches.

What do photographers do?

A photographer's job is to take photos. Photographers can work form home (self-employed), and some work for a company. Some take photographs of people for weddings, family portraits, school portraits. Some people are environmental photographers where they take pictures of nature, animals and they might work for nature magazines. There are also the photographers that do photo shoots for models that get put in magazines.

Why is photographer such a good job?

well, the photographers in the advertizement and fashion industry can make a lot of money, so i guess that's one reason why its such a good job.

Are jobs for photographers plentiful in Cleveland Ohio?

As is the case in many major cities, there are opportunities available for people with a specific skill such as photography. In Cleveland, there are listings for people requesting photographers for various different job offers. However, most of these looked to be for freelance work and there was not much to be found for any steady job.

How many photographers?

how many pro photographers in the world

What is a professional photographers salary?

what is a pro photographers salary?

Are photographers independent?

are photographers some times indepentent

When was Association of Photographers created?

Association of Photographers was created in 1968.

Is is photographers assistant or photographers' assistant?

photographer's assistant if there is only one photographer or photographers' assistant if mor than one.

Why do people want to become photographers?

why do people want to become photographers?

How many professional photographers are there in the world?

there are a total of 12 professional photographers in the world

What are good social networks for photographers? is a very active community for photographers

Who are a few professional photographers?

Professional photographers are defined as photographers who earn money for the trade, be it anything from habitually to as a full-time job. Considering this definition, the pool of whom would be considered a professional photographer is incredibly broad. Using the Professional Photographers of America database, one can locate a member or affiliate of the organisation using a U.S-wide locator. Some of these listed professionals include Emily Clack, Jarvis Grant, and Henry Spencer, all situated in Washington DC.

How much do underwater photographers make a year?

underwater photographers make 40000 to 80000

Who is the patron saint for photographers?

Saint Veronica is the patron saint of photographers.

Do they have dog photographers in Texas?

Yes they do have dog photographers in Texas hope this helped!:-) x

How much do wedding photographers cost?

Well recently I hired Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer who did a fabulous job and charged me with a very reasonable price.