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Its colour, its melting point, its boiling point, whether it is magnetic or not, whether it is an electrical conductor or not and its atomic mass are all physical properties.

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3 property of sulfur?

what is the physical property of sulfur?

Is sulfur a chemical or physical property?

Sulfur is a physical element.

Is the density of sulfur a chemical property?

Density of sulfur is a physical property.

Is Sulfur a physical property or chemical property?

Neither. Sulfur is an element by it self , that has its own physical and chemical properties.

Would a density 2.97 gcm3 be a physical or chemical property of sulfur?

Density is a physical property of a substance or material.

What can you say about an unknown compound with a disagreeable odor?

It reeks? Which is a physical property. It likely contains sulfur (S).

Is physical property a physical property?

No, physical property is NOT a physical property itself

Is grinding sulfur a chemical or physical change?

Grinding sulfur is a physical change.

When sulfur is a yellow solid is it a physical or chemical property?

Colour (yellow, red, blue etc.) and State (solid, liquid, gas etc.) are both physical properties.

Is a wood block a physical property?

It is not a physical property. It has a physical property. And its a solid

Is malleability chemical property of physical property?

Malleability is a physical property.For comparison flammability is a chemical property.

Is burning of sulfur physical change?

Burning of sulfur (or anything else) is a chemical change, not a physical change.

Five reasons why iron is a metal while sulfur is a non metal?

1. Iron is lustrous, while sulfur is not. Luster is a property of metals. 2. Iron conducts electricity, while sulfur does not. Electrical conductivity is a property of metals. 3. Iron conducts heat, while sulfur does not. Heat conductivity is a property of metals. 4. Iron is malleable, while sulfur is not. Malleability is a property of metals. 5. Iron is somewhat ductile, while sulfur is not. Ductility is a property of metals.

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