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A regular TV has a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). A CRT is basically a large vacuum tube in which a electric beam emanating from a single point in the neck of the tube scans the face of the tube very rapidly which, in turn, lights up red, green, or blue phosphors on the tube's surface to make an image.

Plasma TV is based on flouresent light. It contains cells in the two glass panels that are separated by a narrow gap which is injected with neon-xenon gas and then sealed in plasma form during the manufacturing process. The gas is electrically charged at specific times when you use the TV. The gas then puts out groups of red, green, or blue phosphors called pixels (picture element). The reason Plasma TVs are flat is because you don't need a tube. Using a sealed cell, you eliminate the need for a CRT.

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Q: What is a plasma TV?
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What does plasma have to do with a plasma TV?

Plasma is used in plasma screen televisions as it can be manipulated to show different colours.

What is the difference between plasma the state of matter and plasma tv?

There is no difference the only thing is plasma is in a TV in plasma screen TV and plasma is outside of the TV in the state or matter.

Is plasma in a blister the same plasma that is in a tv?

No, the plasma in blister is the term in biology and is the fluid medium of the blood. The plasma in a television is the term in physics and is ionized gas in plasma state.

what is the difference between lcd television and jvc plasma?

A JVC plasma is a brand of television and a plasma television does not use liquid crystal displays (which is and LCD television). Plasma televisions are thinner and provide crisper images.

What is the difference between Plasma vs Lcd?

The difference between plasma and lcd televisions is that plasma televisions have better colors. However, lcd televisions last longer than plasma.

Does Best Buy sell cheap plasma TVs?

"Yes, Best Buy sells cheap plasma tvs. When we compare the price of a plasma tv to any other prices for plasma tvs at other stores Best Buy plasma tvs are very cheap in relation."

Is Plasma TV more expensive than LED TV?

Yes Plasma TV are more expensive then LED as you will get more features with Plasma TV

What are the comparisons of a plasma tv to blood plasma?

After researching plasma TV's and attempting to answer the question: do plasma TV's contain human blood plasma? - there has been no answer given to this vital question. Where does the plasma for plasma TV's come from? How is it created? How is it combined with other elements/components to create organic/plasma TV's? These are questions to which there is no answer given.

Do plasma screens really have plasma?

yes, they do. If you want a more detailed answer, than ask the question what is plasma in plasma tv.

What do people use plasma for?

For PLASMA tv and lights

How is a plasma TV different from a regular TV?

Thanks to plasma technology, a plasma television can be much thinner than a regular TV. Plasma makes use of tiny fluorescent lighted pixels to form an image on the screen.

What is the downside of plasma screen tvs?

It has been found that plasma tvs will run out of plasma after some amount of time. Also plasma tvs are very sensitive to light so you have to be careful what direction you have them facing.

Is a plasma HD TV better to use than a regular plasma TV?

This depends on if you want to watch HD tv. OfCourse an HD plasma tv will be better than a regular plasma if your looking toward watching television in HD.

What year did plasma TV come out?

the first plasma tv came out 2013

Are plasma tv recievers better than LCD?

No most people consider lcd tvs better than plasma tvs. Plasma tvs are harder to fix than lcd tvs. Lcd tvs also have a clearer picture than plasma tvs do.

Do any plasma TVs have 3d technology?

Plasma TVs can be in 3D. Samsung and Panasonic both make Plasma 3D TVs, as seen on The Samsung plasma 3D TV seems to be a little less expensive than the LCD TVs.

How much does a plasma screen tv cost online?


Are Sony Plasma TVs made with flat screens?

Yes, Sony's plasma televisions are flatscreen. As a general rule, plasma televisions are made with a flatscreen design, so there are more companies than Sony if you're interested in a plasma television.

What was the first plasma tv to be sold to the public?

The first plasma television was sold to the public in 1997. Pioneer was the company that sold the first plasma TV's.

When was the plasma screen television made?

the first plasma screen television was made in 2000

What is the purpose of a plasma screen tv?

Plasma screen TVs differ from LCD or LED TVs. Plasma TVs use electrically charged ionized gas to display the picture. The advantages of a plasma TV are that they provide a clearer and better picture than LCD or LED TVs.

I have recently bought a new Plasma TV. Can I watch online TV by connecting the Plasma to the internet?

Yes, it is easy to connect your new Plasma TV to the internet to watch TV. If you go to, there is a comprehensive walk through article on how to connect the Plasma TV to the internet.

How plasma antenna works?

There is no product called a plasma antenna but a television antenna will work with a plasma television in exactly the same way as other telvisions.

What is plasma in plasma tv?

The plasma in plasma TV is actually real plasma. Many people tend to think that plasma is something made up by science fiction novels, but it's actually closer to home then you might think. plasma is a state of matter like a solid, liquid or gas but with different properties. It is best described as being similar to gas, but is not exactly the same. The reason why plasma is used in televisions is because it can be manipulated into showing different colours. Plasma is matter heated to roughly 10,000 degrees and so if you pause an image on a plasma screen TV and leave on for a long time it will begin to burn into your TV. Plasma is often commonly found in households as it is used in light bulbs.

What is the difference between a plasma and LCD tv?

A plasma TV is better than a LCD TV. haha! :-)