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What is a police barricade truck?

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A transformer of the decepticons

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How do you use barricade on a sentence?

The police had to barricade the road because there was a dreadful car crash

What is the police cars name in transformers?


Which Transformer disguises itself as a police car?


What was the name of the police car in transformers?

His name is Barricade

Who is barricade in transformers decepticons ds?

the decepticon police car

Transformers - how to beat Barricade in-Transformers Autobots- Nintendo DS?

Follow Barricade past the police, down to the bridge and then Barricade and Bumble Bee transform and talk. Then defeat Barricade. His weakness is Ranged Secondary attacks.

What car is barricade in transformers?

a ford saleen S281 mustang police car

Who are brawl barricade and bonecrusher in transformers?

Barricade is the police car mustang that chases bumble, bonecrusher is the tank that fights octomus prime on the hiway, and brawl is the tank

When was Police Truck created?

Police Truck was created in 1980-05.

Does Barricade in transformers 3?

yes but i found out that he looks different from before and almost kills bumblebee Yes But Actually Barricade Was Still A Police Car Carly's Mercedes SLS Is Soundwave

Is 'barricade' a noun?

'Barricade' CAN BE used as a noun, thusly: "Stay behind the barricade, please." However, it is used as a verb thusly: "Please do not barricade that alley."

Is barricade a common noun?

Definition of barricadebarricaded; barricading transitive verb 1: to block off or stop up with a barricadebarricade a street: to prevent access to by means of a barricade

What year mustang is the transformer barricade?

retard wrote-"Barricade is a police car dumba**, not a mustang either you had your eyes closed or you assumed he was a mustang " Wow, I don't even know where to start on the last answer. That answer is like saying Bumblebee is a yellow car not a Camaro. Barricade is a Saleen S281, which is a modified Ford Mustang. So that still leaves the question of what year Mustang is Barricade. i believe its the 2010

Who would win jazz or barricade?


How do you unlock a police car in transformers decepticons for ds?

You can't. You have to beat the game and after choosing your location choose barricade as your character.

In Transformers the Movie did Barricade die?

Barricade Was Last Seen As His Police Car Form, Driving On The Bridge Just Before Optimus Prime Fights Bonecrusher. In the comics optimus prime throws barricade into a pillar and therefore barricade dies, but comes back when starscream flies back to cybertron. In the film, Barricades death is not seen but there were rumors that he was going to appear in transformers 2 but did not. i hope this question helped you.

What should you get Nerf barricade or Nerf barricade gear up?

Your choice. I personally prefer the normal barricade

Which Nerf gun is better the barricade or the maverick?

The Barricade

Where can you find instructions to build a Lego police truck?

you can go back to the place where you bought the lego police truck and ask them to give you the instructions.

What do you do if you have a dead baby in your truck?

Phone The Police.

Sentences that uses the word barricade?

" barricade that door, hurry!

When did Operation Barricade happen?

Operation Barricade happened in 1942.

When was Barricade Books created?

Barricade Books was created in 1992.

Why is there a police baracade in gta 4?

its because you didn't get that far in the game to remove it. You need to complete a certain amount of missions to remove the barricade

Who is bettter bumblebee or barricade at fighting?

barricade is better at fighting because barricade faster than bumblebee but bumblebee was lucky that he beat actually barricade would even be tough for an autobot like ironhide