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protect his/her head

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Q: What is a policemans helmet legally used for?
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Will peanut butter help pass breathalyzer?

Yes only if it is eaten off the policemans helmet on arrest

Does policemans have an apostrophe?

No, it is spelled: policemen.

Is it legally required to wear a helmet longboarding?

That depends on where you are. States/provinces and municipalities decide whether or not a helmet is required.

What do you call a policeman's jacket?

A policemans jacket

What is an Indian policemans stick called?


Do you need to wear a helmet on a motorcycle in Canada?

Legally, I don't know. Still, it is a good idea to wear one any ways. Legally, the answer is yes you must wear a DOT or Snell approved helmet.

How old does a person have to be to legally not wear a helmet?

it's different in every state.

What is a policemans jobs?

Which branch of the police? The Grammar Police?

What is the retarded policemans real name?

Josh Perry

What is a policemans favourite game?

The Laughing Policeman is the policeman's favorite game

What was the policemans name in noddy stories plod?

He was called PC Plod.

Why is it necessary to wear a bike helmet?

It is necessary to wear a bike helmet to reduce the incidence of head injuries suffered in crashes.Helmets protect the vulnerable parts of the skull.Most countries now legally require you yo wear an helmet.

In what century did the pith helmet start being used?

The pith helmet was first used in the 19th century. The helmet was made of cork or pith and was worn by many Europeans in the tropics. The pith helmet is also known a Safari helmet or sun hat.

What are the benefits of a Protec helmet?

The benefits of a Protec helmet are many. This helmet has been called the 'classic bike helmet'. It protects your head when you are participating in sports that can cause damage if a helmet is not used.

What are the consequences legally speaking if one of your worker involved in an accident due to his non-use of the safety required helmet?

Legally, it probably makes little difference. You could perhaps show that he has a percentage of the liability due to his failure to use the required helmet, but how to determine this percentage is going to be hard.

Can a bmx helmet be used to skateboard?


How old are you supposed to be to ride a bike without a helmet?

Legally it depends on if its a motorcycle or a bicycle and where you are, helmet laws aren't the same all over. In practical terms, the day to stop using a helmet is the day when you no longer think your head is worth protecting. Bottom line: you should always wear a helmet regardless of your age.

Will I lose MY pension if you remarry I am a widow?

I am a policemans widow will I loose my widows pension if i re marry

Why do you have to wear a bicycle helmet?

The laws are different from place to place. You might not be legally required to wear a helmet. But for what they cost, I think they're a good idea. Even a minor head injury isn't much fun.

What is the bag in the helmet of Israeli's soldiers?

Typically helmet bags are used to store field dressings. American paratroopers tended to tape their field dressings at the front of their helmet for quick access if they were wounded. It could also be used to store the main unit and batteries for a helmet radio.

Elizabethan name for a helmet?

It was called a European close helmet usually used in jousting during the 15th century.

What uses is an army helmet used for?

Ballistic protection.

Which brand of helmet is most used by skateboarders?


What is the name of the helmet used in fencing?

it is known as a mask

Can you legally ride a quad bike around your neighborhood in Detroit?

I think so. My brother had two and said the police will only stop you if you did'nt wear a helmet. Plus there was a shop on the corner where tons of people got theirs at. The cpos went after the ones without a helmet and fined them. Everyone else was legally riding theirs.