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What is a political district?

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I really cant tell you cuz I'm looking for the answer!!!

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What was a political district in Mesopotamia?


What is a district?

A district is a political or organizational region within a country, state, or city.

How do you spell district?

That is the correct spelling of "district" (an organizational or political subdivision within a country, state, or city).

What is the northern district of Jewish palestine called?

Perhaps the question refers to the nation of Israel. If that's the case, then the northern political district, which borders Lebanon and includes the city of Nazareth, is labeled "Northern District" on the political map of Israel.

What are political units of city and surrounding land called?


What political boundary is marked by mogollon rim have?

congressional district

What do you call a district that favors one political party?


What word means to redraw district boundaries for political advantage?


Which word mean to with draw district boundaries for political boundaries?


Oddly shaped district designed to increase voting strength?

A Gerrymander is an oddly shaped district that is designed to increase the voting strength and power of one political party at the expense of another. As a result of the manipulation of district boundaries, the shape of political map becomes altered and distorted.

What is the term for creating district lines that are beneficial to a certain political party?


A House district drawn to give an advantage to one political party?


A house district drawn to give an advantage to one political party is?

a gerrymander .

What is a District drawn to the advantage of the political party in control of a state legislature?

It is gerrymandering.

What is adam kinzinger political affiliation?

(Republican) Congressman for Illinois 11th District

Who is Gerrymander?

Gerrymander is not a person but refers to a political act. This process uses district boundaries to create a political advantage for a particular party.

What is Gerrymandering and why is it controversial?

Gerrymandering or drawing district lines to achieve favorable political results for one political party, remains a fact of American political life.It is controversial because...???

What is drawing of district lines for political advantage?

Gerrymandering. See wikipedia for gerrymandering and reapportionment.

The practice of drawing district lines to gain political advantage is called?

Gerrymandering or reapportionment

Illegally drawing district lines to favor one political party is called?


Does Washington DC have a nickname?

Federal CityCapitol City District of Crime Political Machine

The practice of drawing district boundaries to the political advantage of the party in power is known as?


The assyrian king divided their empire into political district called?


What is gerrymandering?

Setting political boundaries in a way that favors one party. The drawing of electoral district lines to the advantage of a party or group. an oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group

How might a political party use gerrymandering to help elect its candidates to Congress?

- They would pack a district with supporters so they would know they won that district.