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What is a political machine?

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A political machine is an unofficial system of political organization based on patronage, the spoils system, "behind-the-scenes" control, and longstanding political ties within the structure of a representative democracy. Machines sometimes have a boss, and always have a long-term corps of dedicated workers who depend on the patronage generated by government contracts and jobs. Machine politics has existed in many United States cities, especially between about 1875 and 1950, but continuing in some cases down to the present day. It is also common (under the name clientelism or political clientelism) in Latin America, especially in rural areas. Japan's Liberal Democratic Party is often cited as another political machine, maintaining power in suburban and rural areas through its control of farm bureaus and road construction agencies.

The key to a political machine is patronage: holding public office implies the ability to do favors (and also the ability to profit from graft). Political machines generally steer away from issues-based politics, favoring a quid pro quo (something for something) with certain aspects of a barter economy or gift economy: the patron or "boss" does favors for the constituents, who then vote as they are told to. Sometimes this system of favors is supplemented by threats of violence or harassment toward those who attempt to step outside of it.

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Was tammany hall was a powerful political machine in kansas city?

No, he was a powerful political machine in New York City.

Define political machine?

everything and everybody who effects a political decision

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political machine

What was the effect of the political machine?


An informal political group designed to gain and keep power?

political machine

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What did political machine bosses get from the system?


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A political machine

What are political machines-?

A political machine is a small group or leader who manages to maintain control through popular vote of an area. Republicans or Democrats controlling a city or state is an example of a political machine.

What is a political machine controlled by?

A political machine is controlled by a powerful boss or group of bosses. The term dates back to the 20th century in the United States.

What is Castro machine?

The Castro machine is considered the political inner working of the Castro regime.

What is called a organization of people that controls votes to gain political power is a?

Political Machine

Boss tweed was the head of tammany hall a notorious example of a political?

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cheech and chong

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Tammany Hall was known for being a?

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it made the political machine guy step down

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a New York City political machine

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Tammany Hall

What was the job of a political machine?

To help certain officials get elected