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What is a political mantra?

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Well, one of the definitions for 'mantra' is a repeated word or phrase. So, a political mantra would be a phrase that many politicians and journalists...etc. like to use, even if the actual phrase is vague.

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What does political mantra mean?

Political Mantra- har mantri ka mantra! Political-Mantra was founded to help solve the biggest problem in the political sector - the reach of a Leader amongst people in his/her constituency. Political-Mantra helps in Political Online Campaigning, Portfolio making, image branding and social media publicity. PoliticalEdge bridges this gap by its political, technical and communication capabilities. For more visit

Which mantra is the most powerful mantra in Hinduism?

The most powerful mantra is the Maha Myutunjaya Beeja Mantra

What is mritsanjivani mantra?

It is the mantra of the gods.

Which mantra is the miracle mantra that makes any wish true?


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How many syllables does a mantra have?

The word "mantra" has 2 sylables

Which Tamil mantra will protect you from evil?

god siva mantra

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Another word for mantra?

Other words for mantra are motto or slogan.

Can you show a mantra?

Yes, a Yantra is a specific form of a mantra or sound vibration.

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Can you use mantra in a sentence?

The constant mantra of money management advisers is to save.

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu - Maa Durga Mantra?

yes.this is durga mantra. another durga mantra is here

What does the word mantra mean?

Mantra is nothing but the verse or the ritual formulas (sacred) or chant.

Use mantra in a sentence?

Sure it is easy like ABC. I speak my god mantra

Which deity is the gayatri mantra?

Gayatri Mantra is mainly for Lord Surya, the God of light.

What is trishtup mantra?

trishtup is a manthra in vedas that praises the lord durga.This mantra is as follows............

What does brand mantra mean?

dear sir , i Would like to have one secrate mantra for me and for my life till i die. plaese send mantra : with warm regard guruswamibabaji

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What is a mantra in Buddhism?

A mantra in Buddhism, also in Hinduism, is another word for a sacred sound. In Buddhism, a mantra is a practice along with meditation, mudras, and prayer wheels. LikeImGoingToSayMyName LOL :)

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