What is a polyamorous relationship?

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Loving more than one person during a relationship.
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What is 'has a relationship'?

if someone has a 'relationship' with a person then they are sort ofwhat you could call emotionally bonded to them. like boyfriends andgirlfriends, fiances or husband and wife. When you want date a girl first impress her from your personality Added: "Having a relationship" with someone can also be us ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a relationship?

If you are not 100% in the relationship it is not fair. Tell the truth and never lead the other person on afterwards Or you can cheat, easy is way out.

What is a relationship?

A relationship is the interactions and bond between two or more things, people, animals or places. A relationship is a bond between two people. (or more if its family or a bunch of friends your referring to in a conversation) the state of being connected or related

What is relationships?

A relationship is when a guy and a girl become good friends and feel comfortable around each other and start dating.

How can you be in a relationship?

The way that you can be in a relationship is you give that person the your love and undivieded attention and tell them complete truth. Never lie to them that can reck the relation ship.

What are the cons of a polyamorous relationship?

Every person in the relationship is used to being surrounded by people who love them but as they grow older old start to die one of them is going to end up being alone. ______ I don't know what that was supposed to have to do with polyamory,... But here's my take on it having been in the life ( Full Answer )

What is polyamorous?

is the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.. For example I used to bring women home and have my way with them while my GF was sleeping in our bedroom. This is not an example of polya ( Full Answer )

Who are in relationship?

it depends on a relationship ther are three: -normal -gay -lesbian normal= a guy and a girl gay=two guys lesbian=two girls

How to get in to a relationship?

when you get into a relationships well if you want to you will haveto be friends with the person then get to know them then starthanging out a lot then just go out with the person on dates and letthem know how much you care for them.

What is relationship?

Honestly it depends on how you think what a relationship means. If your younger , say in high school, there are boyfriend and girlfriends who say their in a relationship. So thery're dating. Their still young so their relationship isn't something serious. If you were out of highschool maybe, and wer ( Full Answer )

How do you get into a relationship?

Two people get into a relationship by committing to each other through trust, chemistry, affection. If there is no trust you can't have a relationship. If there is no chemistry you can be nothing more than friends. Also, you can't be in a relationship if you aren't committed to only each other. A re ( Full Answer )

What are relationships for?

Relationships are to get to know a certain someone (your spouse) better, and to have someone to lean on for support and to turn to when you have some problems. You might get married with your spouse and have children once you get to know him better, and if you think that he's the one that you want t ( Full Answer )

What are the relationship what are the types of relationship?

There love, there hate, there jealous, there a lot of type. Another answer Those are really emotions in the above answer. Types of relationships are; mother daughter relationships, friend to friend relationships, boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. .

Is a relationship?

A relationship is when you love someone and anything thatembarasses you and you can say it to him and you two laugh about ittogether.

What can I do about my relationship?

well firs you will have to tell is what is wrong with your relationship in order for anyone to be able to answer your question ?

How can you get out of an relationship?

you can be nice about it and let him or her off easy like givethem signs that you are not into the relationship anymore and theywill most likely catch on.if not then let his or her that u likesomeone else and that ur not feeling it anymore and that u wannamove on

How do you delete a relationship in the relationships window?

if you mean on facebook, just go to your profile, go to the info bar, press edit, and look to the left where it says relationships, and press it, then at the very top it should be where it says what your relationship status is.

Why can you not get a relationship?

Are you asking, why you can't get in a relationship or me? Your question isn't balanced. But I will do the best I can, you have tagged this with jealousy and maybe that is the problem. But I just got to say be yourself it's cheesy but it's the truth you can't get with someone by actting like someone ( Full Answer )

How to get a relationship?

Here is how you get a relationship: 1. Get to know the person you like. The person may start to become friends with you. 2. Hang out alot. This is the moment where the person starts to think about you. 3. Make your move. Now is the time to get that relationship.

What are relationships between relationships?

Relationships types are many and varied; the most common relationship between them is knowing the other person or people involved in the relationship. Although this is not always true, a relationship can be with someone you've never met, such as many on the social networking sites (or Answers.com) a ( Full Answer )

When will you be in a relationship?

when you feel that you are seeing the person on private date , or repetitive dates, then you are in a relationship.

What do you do in a relationship?

In a relationship both partners do things together and sometimesthey do things on their own it depends on what they are interestedin. Doing things together is fun but its a good idea not to expectyour partner to do everything with you. You do your thing and lethim do his thing. That's the best way f ( Full Answer )

What is difference between an is-a relationship and a has-a relationship?

In database design, object-oriented programming, and knowledge representation, we often describe the relationship between two things as either "is-a" or "has-a" (but not both). For example, An avocado "is-a" fruit. (An avocado is a specific kind of fruit. A fruit is a generalization of things ( Full Answer )

In IT what is a relationship?

A Relationship diagram links tables together. -- A relationship is the link between two entities within a relational database design. A relationship is the pathway by which we we extract information from such a database. A relational database usually consists of several entities and their respec ( Full Answer )

Has-a and is-a relationship?

Humans are at the universal evolutionary stage of development where they have become self-actualized. They can know themselves and therefore able to compare themselves to other things in their environment. They are able to tell that which builds up and that which tears apart. They can chose to help ( Full Answer )

What do you do in your relationship?

This depend on what relationship you are saying and I'm guessing you mean boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. In relationships like these, the reason you go out with people is because you have a fiery feeling for them, you nearly always want to be with them, you want them to go places with you ha ( Full Answer )

How do you know if your relationship is a good relationship?

You should be honest with each other and communicate well Thats not something someone else can awnser for you, thats something you have to decide for yourself. A relathionship is built on love and your the only person who can determine that. Hope this helps :)

What do you do with your relationship?

You keep each other grounded.You love each other until you think you have had enough.You try to keep the person who you are in a relationship happy and important.Don't ignore the guy or girl make sure you tell them how much you care about them often.

Why do you have relationships?

Desire is the bondage between relationship. If people can bond with each other, then world would be a better place to live.

How do you avoid relationship with other relationship?

This question is a bit confusing but im guesing that you mean how do you avoid being involved qith other peoples relationships? well if i am right then simply keep to yourself, try staying out of relationships business. because when you do have to be involved in other people relationships alot of co ( Full Answer )

What are the PROS of a polyamorous relationship?

Let me begin by explaining that you are asking about a relationship, which means that you and your partner are in regular communication with one another, and that communication is what is going to make this type of relationship actually work. If you cannot prevail in communicating with your partner ( Full Answer )

Relationship advice on teen relationships?

Teens should take it slow enough to enjoy being teens while pursuing the things that will provide the future that they hope to have. Don't let your hormones control your life even thought they're strong enough to do that. Don't have unrealistic expectations of the other person in relationships, tak ( Full Answer )

Why do you get in a relationship?

because she got dat booty Most people do to share their lives. humans are social animals soit is natural.

Why are you in a relationship?

Right now I am not but if you do get a relationship is most likely because the two people like each other, and want a meaningful time together. Relationship is love!

What do you do to get in a relationship?

Well to get into a relationship you have to be asked out/ ask someone out and go on a date. Then a couple more dates and then it just starts from there ;) hope this helps xx

What can you get in relationship?

When you get into a relationship you can get many things for one thing you can get the feeling of being loves the feeling of being cared for. You also help each other out in a relationship. Though the best thing about being in a relationship is that you will and should be treated like your the best ( Full Answer )

How do you get an relationship?

To get into a relationship with someone, you have to have somethingin common with them. This can often take time, and the whole pointof a relationship is to prove that you're trustworthy enough forsomeone.

How did they get into a relationship?

Well if u and that boy have liked each other for some time , and want to take it to the next level then u become a couple .

Why do have relationship?

people have relationships to feel loved, happy and secure with someone else in their life....

How social relationship modifies relationship?

It measures how you are as a person in society and at home ingeneral. People without social relationships tend to have the mostdifficulty getting through life.