What is a polyamorous relationship?

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Loving more than one person during a relationship.
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What are the cons of a polyamorous relationship?

Every person in the relationship is used to being surrounded by people who love them but as they grow older old start to die one of them is going to end up being alone. ____

What is polyamorous?

is the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.. For example

Who are in relationship?

it depends on a relationship ther are three: -normal -gay -lesbian normal= a guy and a girl gay=two guys lesbian=two girls

In IT what is a relationship?

A Relationship diagram links tables together. -- A relationship is the link between two entities within a relational database design. A relationship is the pathway by whic

What do you do with your relationship?

You keep each other grounded.You love each other until you think you have had enough.You try to keep the person who you are in a relationship happy and important.Don't ignore

What are the PROS of a polyamorous relationship?

Let me begin by explaining that you are asking about a relationship, which means that you and your partner are in regular communication with one another, and that communicatio

Why are you in a relationship?

Right now I am not but if you do get a relationship is most likely because the two people like each other, and want a meaningful time together. Relationship is love!

What can you get in relationship?

When you get into a relationship you can get many things for one thing you can get the feeling of being loves the feeling of being cared for. You also help each other out in a
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How do you get an relationship?

To get into a relationship with someone, you have to have somethingin common with them. This can often take time, and the whole pointof a relationship is to prove that you're
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Why do have relationship?

people have relationships to feel loved, happy and secure with someone else in their life....
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How to get in a relationship?

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