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What is a possible home remedy for ridding a house of gnats or fruit flies?


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ANSWER:Give them a food source like an apple or banana slice and when they group on it, squirt them with a solution of water and dish soap from a spray bottle. It will kill them. You will have to figure out the proper solution because some soaps are better than others. This will take them out of the air as well. It makes their wings stick to their bodies and they fall. This is easy to clean up and can be used in places you wouldn't want to use poisionous sprays. I use this method to kill them when they gather in my kitchen glass doorway. This works for flies and mosquitoes in flight as well.


Enjoy a bottle of wine. Leave the empty bottle with the normal residue at the bottom on the counter. The Fruit fly will find its way in but not out. You may have to experiment to find the variety of wine that your fruit fly prefers. Or you can add a thin sliver of banana or cantaloupe to the bottle. A small amount of apricot or peach nectar will also attract them.


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When eating fruit that had fruit flies on it, it is very possible that you are consuming fruit fly larvae. Most will not survive through the human digestive system.

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Cleanliness especially around kitchen sinks and removal of the enticement, which is rotting food, function as effective remedies for getting rid of fruit flies. Known as Drosophilidae, fruit flies make up a diverse family with a very short lifespan and with a passion for fermenting, rotting material. Another effective remedy requires a vinegar trap, which lures fruit flies with the fermenting smells of vinegar.

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Fruit Flies can sense other types of food too, like grains or vegetables. Also its very important to note that fruit flies do not only breed on fruit. Any sugary substance or even your rubbish bins can be perfect places for fruit flies. More information can be found here:

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