What is a potentate?

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A person who is a dictator and over the law.

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Q: What is a potentate?
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How can you use potentate in a sentence?

A POTENTATE in the Tater Kingdom is an important tater.

What is an eastern potentate?


What rhymes with inmate?


What is an Ottoman potentate called?


What is a Turkish potentate called?


What is the definition of 'potentate'?

The verb, to ''Potentiate'', means to make more potent or powerful, to enhance the effect of, or to promote or strengthen. It is derived from the latin for power which is ''potentia''.

What does Macrocosmic Potentate mean?

If you break down the word--Macrocosmic Potentate--you can figure it out Macro-cosmic Potent-ate Macro=large cosmic=world or universe potent=power ate=cause Macrocosmic Potentate means to have the power to cause great change in the world or universe

What is a Turkish potentate?

he is considered "royalty" and would be treated as such.

What is a four letter word for Eastern potentate?


What is a 3 letter word for Turkish Potentate?


Can you mix Percocet and vistaril?

yes, it will actually potentate the percocet

What is another word for Turkish potentate 3 letters ends with a?


What is the Name of a famous ottoman potentate?

Suleiman the Magnificent

What is the name of the hand-carried furniture on which a rajah or similar potentate is carried by porters?


What are the release dates for The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - 1950 The Indian Potentate 6-21?

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - 1950 The Indian Potentate 6-21 was released on: USA: 20 February 1956

Is it safe to smoke hashish on LSD?

Yes, it is safe but be warned that smoking hash while on LSD will potentate it considerably.

When mistress hibbens offers to introduce dimmesdale to yonder potentate you wot of to whom is she referring?

In chapter 20 she is referring to Satan/the Devil/the Black Man

What is another word for a ruler?

Potentate, monarch, sovereign, leader, head of state. -- shah, shogun, king, alpha... you can look at different cultures and find definitions.

What qualities or skills should a lawyer have?

Snake like ability to dodge questions and shark like attitude toward others coupled with the greed of your most vicious potentate.

What is another name for a monarch ruler?

A monarch by definition is a ruler. Other names for monarchs or rulers are, supreme ruler, sovereign, king, queen, emperor, empress, majesty and potentate.

What is another word for mogul?

Synonyms for mogul: VIP, executive, key player, king, magnate, notable, personage, potentate, prince, princess, queen, royalty, top brass, tycoon

What is macrocosmic potentate?

macro is Greek for large cosmo is Greek for world or universe potent is Latin for power ate is Latin for cause to have the power to cause great change in the universe or world.

Can you take Diphenhydramine with xanax?

Yes. The two will potentate each other. Just don't take like 8mg of Xanax and like 300mg of Diphenhydramine. It's similar to the combination of Hydrocodone and Diphenhydramine.

Can you take zanaflex with oxycodone?

Yes, you can, but be careful. Zanaflex is a muscle relaxer and will potentate the opiates(oxycodone is an opiate). But both cause respiratory depression, so mixing high quantities of both can cause death. Be careful.

Where did the saying will not be down for breakfast to mean someone is dead come from?

This phrase was coined by Howard Lawrence Carr who hosts a popular radio program on WRKO 680 AM in Boston, Massachusetts. He often uses the phrase whenreferring to the recent death of some celebrity or potentate.