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Q: What is a prefix for proactive?
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What is the prefix in the word proactive?


What is the prefix for proactive?

pro. Pro means for or positive. if i am proactive, i am for activity. if i am prored, i am for the color red.

What are some words with the prefix pro?

Professional, Professor, Protect, Proactive, Promotion

What words begin with the prefix pro?

Proactive, Proscribed, Prostate, Protest, Probe, Prone

Is the word colorful a prefix or suffix?

Neither. A prefix is like, UNdo, PROactive, SUPERcharged. A suffix is like, capABLE, indoctrinaTION, muleISH where the upper case letters are the prefix or suffix.

What is an antonym prefix for the prefix retro?

Where the prefix retro- does not merely "reverse" the existing condition (which would already be the opposite e.g. retro-rocket), the opposite would be pro- (proactive, progressive, prograde, and prospective).

What are the advantages of proactive?

what are the advantages of proactive purchasing

Importance of proactive planning?

why is it important to be proactive?

What part of speech is proactive?

"Proactive" is an adjective.

Is Defending Symbols and Structures proactive or reactive?


What is a sentence with proactive in?

I strive to be proactive in my everyday life.

Is proactive avalible in Nepal?

proactive is aviabile innepal

Words with prefix pro?

Professional, Probiotic, Protocol, Promise, Promotion, Promote, Prom, Prove, Proving, Proactive, Prodigy, Probalism, Proband, Problem, Procedure..

What is proactive?

Proactive Is a face wash that gets rid of acne

What is the verb for proactive?

The verb of proactive is proactivate. As in the action of proactivating.

How is Jason derulo proactive?

dont know but he uses proactive

Where can someone purchase proactive toner?

There are a number of places where one can purchase ProActive toner. ProActive products are sometimes sold at mall kiosks, as well as ProActive's own website.

What is the noun form of the verb proactive?

The word proactive is not a verb, it's an adjective. Noun forms for the adjective proactive are proaction, proactivity, and proactiveness.

Which works best proactive or oxy?

OXy its more powerful and not as expensive as proactive

What company makes proactive?

Proactive is it's own company , It has no other source

Where can one find product reviews for ProActive cleanser?

Product reviews for ProActive cleansers can be found on the official ProActive website. One can also find product reviews, or hear them, on the televison when watching ProActive commercials.

What do you get acne?


What is proactive attitude?

A proactive attitude means that the person is not just sitting there waiting for things to happen. The proactive person is out there making things happen to achieve their goals.

Where can one find out about Pro active skincare?

To find out about ProActive skincare you can go to the ProActive website, talk to a sales associate at a ProActive kiosk in a mall or talk to your doctor.

What does the phrase be proactive mean?

To be proactive is to anticipate what needs to be done and to act accordingly; in advance of the need.