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a TWIT. pretty weird right?

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โˆ™ 2011-05-17 23:01:29
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Q: What is a pregnant fish called?
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What is the word for a pregnant fish?

A pregnant fish is called a TWIT

Is a pregnant fish called twit?


What is a pregnant blow fish called?

A Blownfish

What do you call a pregnant fish?

pregfish a pregnant fish you idiot.

What will happen to the pregnant fish?

For a fish to be "pregnant" it has to be a "livebearer" if that is the case, then eventually the fish will have its young. If on the otherhand the fish is not a "livebearer" then it can not be pregnant so you have nothing to worry about.

What are pregnant fish called?

a TWIT. i know pretty weird right ?

What do fish look like when they are pregnant?

This will depend on the type of fish. Goldfish are egg laying, so they do not get pregnant. Livebearing fish such as platys or guppys get what is called a gravid spot on their belly that darkens as they get closer to giving birth.

What to do when parrot fish when pregnant?

Parrot fish do not get pregnant so there is nothing to do.

What do fish look like when pregnant?

Fish do not get pregnant they lay eggs

What is the behavior of a pregnant fish?

No different from the behaviour of a none pregnant fish.

Do you need to seperate the pregnant fish from the other fish tank?

I believe you do need to separate the pregnant fish from the other fish.

What is a pregnant fish killer called?

Killer whale Killer whale Killer whale

Do you need to separate the pregnant fish from the other fish tank?

Goldfish do not get pregnant.

How do you know a fish is pregnant in fish tycoon?

When you hold the fish it will say what kind its status(which will say pregnant) and age

How do you know if your fighting fish is Pregnant?

fish dont get pregnant, they just lay eggs.

How do you know if your fish are pregnant?

The vast majority of fish are egg layers so will never get pregnant. The only fish that get pregnant are 'Livebearers'. If you have a male and a female of the same species of livebearer the female will be pregnant anyway. To answer your question. Without you telling me what fish you have I can't know if your fishes are pregnant.

What is called the dolphin fish voice?

I thinks is like pregnant elephant, only more volume.

How do you grow fish?

have sex with a fish and get it pregnant

How do you know if a parrot fish is pregnant?

Parrot fish are egg layers, and thus are never pregnant.

What does a pregnant black ghost knife fish look like and if it is what are the requirements?

A pregnant ghost fish.

Can fishes be pregnant?

Although there are fish that live birth, goldfish are egg laying fish, and as such, they do not get pregnant.

What to do if your fish is pregnant and their are only 2 fish in your tank?

nothing![although, dont let the other fish eat the pregnant one]

How do you know a betta fish is pregnant?

Betta fish are egg layers, so they don't get pregnant.Put a male and a female together in a large tank with a place for the female to hide and for them to swim and they should have babies called fry.

How long after a fish gets pregnant when will it give birth?

A fish should be pregnant maybe for one week.

What do pregnant fishes do?

Fish actually can not get pregnant. The female fish drops her unfertalized eggs in the water and a male fish swims past and fertilizes them.