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Pre - indicating that it is before something rather than pro which would indicate after some action or event. I.E. Preceeding the concert we got something to eat which shows that before the concert some action was taken. Preview can be applied in a variety of ways. Previewing a movie for example may indicate that you watch a clip of a motion picture before you decide on going to see that movie or not. It can, in its own way indicate that something may be viewed by an invited audience to be viewed before it is open to the general public for viewing. In other words, you have previewed it before others have had the chance.
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What is a 'Movie Preview'?

Answer . A short animated clip, usually shown on television as a commercial, that mostly consists of small excerpts and details about casting from the movie it is advertisi

What is page preview?

Page preview is viewing the page as it would appear before it hasbeen printed or displayed. This is common before printing adocument.

What is a previewing sentence?

A previewing sentence is a sentence that gives the reader or listener a general overview of the passage s/he is going to read or listen.

What is a preview statement against same-sex marriage?

You might start by saying: "Ladies and gentlemen, you are about tohear the very same arguments against civil rights that have beenrejected over and over again by the courts as

How do you previewing a document?

You go in 'file' on the left top hand corner of the window, then you go in 'print', then click on 'print preview'.

What does previewed mean?

perviously veiwed, as in it's been watched or seen before. It can also mean to view a small bit of something or to watch something ahead, as in "a preview of what is to come
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What is a preview map?

it is a map the you preview the world
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What is a preview monitor?

A picture monitor used for inspecting a picture source before it is switched to transmission.
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What is previewing?

An inspection or viewing of something before it is bought or becomes generally known and available.. Display (a product, movie, play, et. ) before it officially goes on sale
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What is the suffix of previewed?

The suffix is -ed. This suffix usually gives past tense.