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A primate city is the largest city in an area. Countries that have a primate city depend on that city for political, cultural, economic, and transportation needs.
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What are primates?

They are animals like monkeys. Examples include chimpanzees, gorillas, lemurs, and marmosets. We are evolved from primates, but I don't think we are considered primates.

What is a primate?

Primates are an order of mammal that does not have any particular characterising defining features; however, their evolution does have characteristic trends including: forward-facing, more stereo scopic vision graspers with a lack of claws (exception grade 1 primates and the Callitrichids (new ( Full Answer )

Characteristics of primates?

Some characteristics of primates include their hairy bodies,intelligence, and long limbs. They are the closest genetic relativeto humans in the animal kingdom.

Are humans Primates?

Yes, humans are primates. But, one of the differences is, humans don't have hands for feet. The reason humans are primates is, we can both walk on 2 legs, we both have hands, but, we are omnivores and others are herbivores. They live in parts of a jungle though. We also live in different environment ( Full Answer )

What is a primate city?

A primate city is a city twice as large as the next biggest city inthat country.

What is the smallest primate?

The smallest primate is the Mouse Lemur, Microcebus murinus . Males and females both weigh about 60 grams (about 2 ounces). There are several sites on the web claiming it is the tarsier, Tarsius strychta , but this is false. Tarsiers weigh 3-6 ounces.

Are elephants primates?

No. Elephants belong to the order Proboscidia. The order ofprimates includes humans and the great apes.

Is New York a primate city?

Yes New York City is a primate city. Chicago and Los Angeles arealso primate cities in the United States.

What ia a primate city?

A city which is greater than two times the next largest city in a nation (or contains over one-third of a nation's population). The primate city is usually very expressive of the national culture and often the capital city.. Example: Addis Ababa is the primate city of Ethiopia - its population ou ( Full Answer )

What is Canada's primate city?

Toronto is Canada's primate city. With a population of almost 2.7million people it is Canada's most populated city and fourth mostpopulated city in North America. It is also Canada's financialcapital.

Why were primates called primates?

Primate originated as a word to describe a leader, especially a religious one. The root word "prime" means "first" The word is probably given to primates because it is among the most intelligent animal groups.

How do you get primate?

You ARE a primate! Humans, or Homo sapiens , are a member of the Primate order. DON'T even think about getting a non-human primate as a pet, it may be against the law where you live and if they are a protected endangered species you could be in big trouble. It's a TERRIBLE idea for everyone invo ( Full Answer )

What is the primate city in Venezuela?

A primate city is one that is the financial, political, andpopulation center of a country. Venezuela's primate city isCaracas.

What is egypt's primate city?

Cairo is Egypt's primate city. A primate city is a major city thatworks as the financial, political, and population center of acountry.

What is Florida's primate city?

I believe Florida doesn't have a primate city. To be a primate city, the city must produce double the GDP and double the population of any other city in that region.

Is Istanbul a primate city?

Istanbul is a primate city because it is more than twice the size of the next largest city in Turkey.

Is Milan a primate city?

Milan is not a primate city. Rome has twice as many inhabitants and is the political capital. Not to mention Torino has just as many residents as Milan. Rome is also more culturally the definition of Italy. Milan, however, is very prominent as a world city due to its fashion industry and is an alp ( Full Answer )

Can you raise a primate?

It can be done, but is extremely hard and only for the trained and skilled. Primates especially the large ones can be very difficult and vicious. Primates won't really hurt you until they hit puberty, and then the wild instincts come in. After puberty primates test their strength, dominance and wild ( Full Answer )

Do primates have backbones?

Yes they do. A primate belongs to a group of animals called vertebrates and they all have backbones and 7 vertebrae. All vertebrates have a backbone.

What is the primate city of Brazil?

Brazil has no primate city. São Paulo is the largest city withabout 19,000,000 inhabitants within it's metropolitan area (about10% of the total population of the country). Rio de Janeiro comesat second place with about 12,000,000 inhabitants. So, you can'tsay there is a primate city in Brazil.

Is Bismarck North Dakota a primate city?

No. Even Fargo, the largest city in the state, may not be considered a "primate" for the state, as it has barely twice the metropolitan population of Bismarck (approximately 200,000 to 100,000 ratio).

Is Mexico City a primate city?

Yes, Mexico City is a primate city (its the capital of Mexico and it has more than twice the population of Mexico's second largest city, Guadalajara).

Is Yerevan a primate city?

Yerevan is a primate city (its the capital of Georgia and it has more than twice the population of Vanadzor, the second largest city in Georgia).

Is Ulaanbaatar a primate city?

Yes; Ulaanbaatar is the largest and capital city in Mongolia and has more than twice the population of the second largest city, Erdenet.

What is New Yorks primate city?

The primate city of New York State is New York City. On the lighter side: We find primates in Zoos. This lead me to think that there must be a Zoo in New York. A zoo could be no less than a City within a city :-) During some research I found out that New York actually ( Full Answer )

Where are the cities associated with judaism?

The city of Jerusalem is considered holy to most Jews, as is the country of Israel. Culturally, Jews are usually found in the major cities of most every country in the world.

Are jaguars primates?

No, jaguars are felines. They belong to the family of cats. Primates include monkeys, baboon and chimpanzee.

Do primates have placenta?

Yes, they are placental mammals. Most mammals are placental. The other two options are marsupial mammals (mammals with a pouch) and monotreme mammals (mammals that lay eggs).

Are primates invertebrate Why?

An invertebrate is any living thing with a spine or backbone. Primates are not invertebrates because they do have backbones.

Are marsupials primates?

No. Primates are placental mammals, and marsupials are a separate group of mammals. Marsupials include kangaroos, koalas, wombats, bilbies, etc. Primates include monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas and the like.

What is the difference between the primate city and the rank-size rule?

The primate city rule states that the largest settlement has over twice as many people as the settlement of the second rank while the rank size rule tells us settlements in a country may be ranked in order of their size. The difference is that primate city rule tells us how large a settlement is bas ( Full Answer )

What is a prosimian primate?

A Prosimian primate is a mammal defined as a primate, but is not a monkey or an ape. They are considered to have characteristics that are more primitive than those of monkeys and apes. This could be like a lemur or a bushbaby.

How does a primate smell?

Depending On Whether They Shower Or Cleanse Themselves, Maybe Even Put Perfume On Then They Could Smell Bad Or Good...

What are the Primate cities of the Middle East?

Some cities include: Abu Dhabi, UAE ;Dubai, UAE; Istanble (formerly Constantnople), Turkey; Mecca, Saudi Arabia; and Baghdad, Iraq check the link for a full list of cities with some nice details.

What cities or towns are associated with aphrodite?

Among many temples throughout Greece and Asia Minor: Kypros (or Cyprus), Greek Island Kytherea, Greek Island Korinthos (Corinth) in Greece Eryx in Sicily Paphos, island of Kypros (her birth place & seat of herMysteria)

What city is associated with Rockette?

The Rockettes are associated with New York. This is because they were formed in Manhattan, and have performed from the Radio City Music Hall since 1935.

What type of industry is the city of Tirupur associated with?

The city of Tiripur is one of a kind textile areas located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is popularly known as Banian City or Knit City.Holding one of the fastest growing rates in India has developed a wide number of famous fairs.