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What it is basically is a line of people waiting, but those people are documents or what ever waiting for there turn to be printed.

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How-to check printer queue for ubuntu?

press 'alt+f2' type system-config-printer right click on your printer select view printer queue

What does it mean if your printer is stalled?

Assuming that a paper-jam hasn't stalled the printer, is there a good cable connection. It could also be that there is a queue of data waiting to reach the printer. Try canceling the queue and restart the printer.

The documents queue up for printing in the buffer memory of the printer this is called?

Printer buffering, or printer queuing.

How do you check printer queue for ubuntu?

In the bar by the shut down menu, there is a small printer icon, right click on it, and find the option that shows the queue (there are not that many options).

Where do multiple documents line up in a printer?


The printer queue is a representation of the printers input and output?

Commonly mistaken for virtual, he printer queue (or share,asitis known in Microsoft terminology) is a LOGICAL representation of the printer's input and output.

What is an explanation of print queue?

Print queue is when a list of documents or files have been sent to a printer for printing and they are waiting to be printed.

Why printer queue and priter driver are required?

A printer driver is a bit of software that instructs a printer how to work. Without such a driver, the printer may not work, or print rubbish. A print queue forms when a print job is sent to the printer that is already printing. Once the first print job has been completed, the second print job is then printed.

Explain spooling in reference to a printer-?

Spooling in reference to a printer is when a print job is placed in a queue for printing at a later time.

How do you share the printer on printserver?

On a printserver - the documents (or 'jobs') to be printed are held in a queue. Each job is printed in the order they were sent to the printer.

Can a dozen or more computers share a single printer?

Yes, it is known as a network printer. When several computers are trying to use a network printer at the same time, a print queue will form. The delays in print jobs reaching the printer mean that each user must wait for their printing job to get to the front of the queue and so printed.

How do you see what you have sent to your printer on your laptop?

How you do this depends on your operating system. Basically, right clicking on the printer icon and clicking on View Printer Queue, should show what printing jobs are waiting to be printed.

How can you determine the ip address of a network printer?

If you have physical access to the printer take a look at the printer's configuration menus or have the printer print it out. You can try pinging the printer by name to see if it responds or if you have access to the print queue configuration information it will be listed there.

How can I be sure that my photo printer is not storing print job information that could violate my privacy?

Go to "my computer," then open "printers." By clicking on the printer name, you can check the queue and see if there is any information being sent to the printer.

How do you delete job history in ricoh printer?

In a Rocho printer, you can delete the job history by going to the printer interface on the actual computer. From there, you can simply click "cancel print" and everything waiting in queue will no longer be waiting to print.

A printer has a paper jam An impatient user has sent multiple print jobs of the same document to this printer What can be done to remove these print jobs?

Cancel the jobs in the printer's queue

What is the queue concept in computer system?

It's very similar to real-world queues. Queues can be used for various purposes. For example if there are multiple tasks that are waiting to be executed, then they will wait in a queue for their turn to come. Another use is when some resource (say your printer) is needed by various tasks for their successful and complete execution. These tasks will then wait in the queue for their turn as each task in front of them uses and releases the printer and then exits the queue. Basically a queue is a First In First Out (FIFO) structure. This means, that like real-world queues, the first task to enter the queue will be the first to execute or obtain its required resources. Any other tasks that come after it are added to the rear end of the queue and from there they move to the front of the queue one-by-one as their turn comes up. Hope that helps.

How do you dump printer queue jobs into a ๏ฌle in linux?

1. For ubuntu the command is lpq 2. For redhat the command is lpstat

How would you send a text file to a printer connected to the first parallel port without using a print queue?

Fax it!

Give atleast 5 real life examples of circular queue?

Application of queue- 1. Task waiting for line printer 2.Time sharing by CPU 3.access to disk storage.. I am not able to find out any application of circular queue..It would be great if anybody help me out

How does a print queue work?

Think of a queue like a stack of cups in a cup holder. -Programs add requests (like putting cups in at the top) -The printer pulls out and prints one request at a time (like taking the bottom cup and filling it for the user). -The number of requests in the queue goes up when requests are added faster than the printer can print (like adding cups faster than they can be pulled out and filled).

How do you xxplain how a print queue works?

If a printer is already printing a document, it can not print another document until the printing of the first document has finished. Therefore, the second document must form a (print) queue and wait its turn.

What type of user accounts must you use in Windows in order to manage the print queue?

Users in the Administrator and Power User groups are assigned the manage Printers permission level, which means they have complete control over a printer, including printer settings and the print queue. A third permission level, Manage Documents, can be assigned to a user so that the user can manage the print queue while not being allowed to change printer settings. I found this answer on page 621 under Notes section in A+ Guide to Software: Managing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting Fourth Edition

What should you do if the printer is not working and the print job is stuck in a queue?

If you cannot get the printer restarted, you must cancel the job by right-clicking on it and selecting Cancel, to clear the queue. You may be able to get the printer working again by turning it off, unplugging it from the wall, and then plugging it in and turning it back on; but the print job, if it is partially processed, will be unreadable. You can, instead of canceling the print job, pause it; restart the printer as described above; and then restart the print job with right-click and Restart job. That will sometimes recover the print job.

What are the types of queue management?

Queue is a data structure which is based on FIFO that is first in first out. Following are the types of queue: Linear queue Circular queue Priority queue Double ended queue ( or deque )

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