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The product you are thinking of is Git Rot

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How to manage control the stem or root rot?

If you are asking how to control damping off disease, which is the stem of a seedling plant rotting off at the soil surface. There is a product called Captan that is very effective in controlling root rot & damping off disease.

How do you know your bearded dragon got mouth rot?

his breath stinks

Why are fulham called fulham ffc?

Rot Hodgeson

What about white rot on green tomatoes?

It is called mold.

How do you get scuffs off porcelain tile?

If you can get a hold of a product called "Once Off" by Morgan Adhesives then this is your best bet. You've got to leave the product on for a few minutes before wiping off. Goodluck!

What rhymes with dot?

Not, pot, rot, hot, got, lot, bought, caught, shot, fat, sot, spot, jot,hot, pot scott,not got,cot,boughtspot, got, cot, bot, hot, lot, not, pot, rot, tot...:)pot knot

What is a rot and lab dog called?

Rot or Rottie, is short for aRottweiler, Lab is short for a Labrador. If you mean a cross breed, it would be called a Rottweiler mix or a Labrador mix.

What is the product of factors is called?

The product of factors is called the product.The product of prime factors is called the prime factorization.

What is an answer to a multiplication problem called?

The answer to a multiplication problem called the product.

What is rizaphus?

it is a various rot causing fungi and it it called rhizopus

What is the answer to a multiplication problem called?

The answer to a multiplication problem is the product.It is called the productThe product.

How did the grudge kid die?

her husbend killed her and then she cursed and was left to rot with her son that got killed to

What rhymes with swat?

Pot. Cot. Shot. Got. Rot. Dot. Hot. Lot. Bot. Not.

Why didnt the plants and animals rot away when they died?

They do, it does take some time though, and to "rot" there has to be enough humidity and airborne microbes. If the plants and animals got covered relatively quickly by mud from a flooding river or ashes from a volcano then they would not have had time to rot.

How do eggs rot?

Eggs rot because they rot.

What are microbes that rot away dead things called?

Saprobes or decomposers

When organisms eat leftover bodies that have started to rot they are called?


What is fungi on timber called?

Im pretty sure its dry rot

What is the answer to product called?


Is rot a proper word?

Yes, rot is a proper word.The word rot is a verb (rot, rots, rotting, rotted):Paper money will rot if you bury it in the ground without moisture protection.The word rot is a noun (uncountable, mass noun):The potatoes show some rot so we should throw them out.Some compound nouns for the noun rot: root rot, dry rot, brown rot, black rot, boll rot, etc.The noun 'rot' is sometimes used as slang for 'nonsense'.

Where is a good place for a plant to rot?

For a plant to rot, it needs to be in a warm, humid area. So, you can try bury it, dig it up later, but that is not really a good idea. Maybe if you got a black trash bag, left it out side with the plant in it, it would start to rot.

What does Rot mean in German?

red = rot in German Rot, as in "rot in hell" = faulen, vergammeln

What rhymes with not?

Pot, lot, dot, cot, mot, thought, fought, bought, forgot, hot, Scot, snot, slot, shot, rot, got, plot, hot, fraught, brought, caught, sot, shot, spot, knot, robot, jot, totsnot,rot,got,pot,hot,lot,scot,frought,bought,brought,caught,dot,sot,shotNot rhymes withCotLotSoughtCaughtHotFoughtTrotGotSpotTater-totRot, got, hot

What breaks down dead and decaying organisms called?

they are called decomposers/rot examples: mushrooms fungi

What is the main cause wood to dry rot?

The main cause of wood dry rotting is a brown rot fungi called Serpula lacrymans. These spores get onto wood and slowly eat away at the wood, causing it to slowly rot out.

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