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An organism that's lacks a nuclear membrane. It doesn't have a true nucleus.

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What is a living thing that is prokaryotic?

There is no organism that is prokaryotic because prokaryotic is a cell not an organism.

How does a eukaryotic organism differ from prokaryotic organism?

The cells of a prokaryotic organism do not have nuclei

Definition of prokaryotic species?

A prokaryotic organism is an organism in which the cells do not have nuclei.

What is an example of a prokaryotic organism and a eukaryotic organism?

An example of a prokaryotic organism is bacteria and an example of a eukaryotic organism is a plant cell.

Is Bordetella prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Prokaryotic organism

Is a vacuole a prokaryotic cell?

A cell can't be prokaryotic. An organism that is prokaryotic has multiple cells. The vacuole is a vesicle, not an organism, but prokaryotic organisms might have vacuoles.

Is an epidermis layer a prokaryotic organism?

No, an epidermis layer is not a prokaryotic organism. It is a part of the integumentary system.

Compare prokaryotic and eukaryotic?

Prokaryotic is a single celled organism such as a bacteria and a eukaryotic organism has many cells.

Is a virus a prokaryotic organism?

Viruses are large prokaryotic organisms.

Is the dolphin prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

prokaryotic is an single cell organism

What is the difference between prokaryotic organism and eukaryotic organism?

the difference between prokaryotic organisms from eukaryotic organisms is that prokaryotic organisms do not have a nucleus and eukaryotic organisms do

What is a single celled organism that has no nucleus?

a prokaryotic organism

How do you use prokaryotic in a sentence?

Prokaryotic is a noun. If a cellular organism has no nuclear membrane, it might be prokaryotic.

A single celled organism without a nucleus?

Prokaryotic organism.

Which is a prokaryotic organism?

Living organism without organized nucleus.

What are some examples of a prokaryotic organism?

Bacteria and viruses are examples of prokaryotic organisms.

What is the family of bacteria?

it is a Prokaryotic organism

A paramecium is a multicellular prokaryotic organism?


A single-celled organism without a nucleus is?

Prokaryotic organism.

What organism is included in Prokaryotic Cell?

All types of bacterias are classified as being prokaryotic.

What organism is unicellular and prokaryotic?

All prokaryotic organisms are unicellular. Eukaryotic organisms are multicellular

What kinds of cells are prokaryotic?

Prokaryotic cells are bacteria and archaea. They are the single celled organism with no nucleus and prokaryotic cells are asexual.

Single celled prokaryotic organism?


What is the common name for a prokaryotic organism?

A bacteria

An organism who lacks a nucleus?

prokaryotic cell =)