What is a proposed form of order?

A proposed order is a preliminary form of a written order that one lawyer prepares to put in writing an oral decision by a judge. If there is a motion, say for an order to compel the other party to appear at a deposition, the court makes a ruling from the bench verbally. Normally, whichever lawyer won on the motion prepares the proposed form of order. It is always possible that the lawyer preparing the order makes some mistake in wording or leavies something out that should be in, or adds something that shouldn't be in. In order to avoid this, most courts require the lawyer preparing the order to send a proposed form of order to the court and the other lawyer for review. Tho other lawyer has a right to object to the wordin. If no objection is made or if one is made and dealt with by the court, the proposed form of order is either signed as is or modified to become the final form of the order.