What is a puja set?

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A puja set is a set which hindus use to worship. It is found in a shrine or Mandir (hindu temple) It contains a tray, bell, figure of Ganesha (21cm), incense holder, aum symbol, diva lamp, small water pot, rice container and spoon.
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What happens in puja?

puja is a celebration that is celebrated by hindus, for more information visit wickepedia.com and it will give you more answers.. No,. Any Hindu can perform puja, it is thei

How does puja help?

Puja helps to relax the brain and body. It increases the power of concentration and self realization.

What is puja room?

The room where the deity is been worshipped and decorated with flowers.

What is a puja tray?

A Hindu puja tray is a tray that consists of an item to activate all five human senses. The items are bread for taste, bell for hearing, flower for sight, incense for smell an

How do you describe Puja?

Puja means Worship. In Hinduism puja is performed in praise of God either by singing vedic mantras, hymns, songs, shlokas, aartis and verses or by performing the Yagyas

Why is puja important?

Puja is worshipping the deities. By worshipping them we seek their blessings and pray for our well being and success

When does Puja happen?

pooja can happen when one feels like organising it, or it can happen if a person or family wished for something and it happenned or it can be a ritual for a particular clan to

What is in a puja shrine?

-bell -diva lamp -joss sticks -water container and spoon -kum kum powder -prashad -tray

What are the facts about the puja?

It builds a personal relationship with God fostering good values in daily living and regular rememberance of God.
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What is on a puja tray and why?

there is a bell a picutre of one of the gods. there is a bell on the puja tray because they use it to jingle it and it respects the gods because it makes them feal welcome and
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Where can you buy full panchayatana puja set?

Panchayatana Puja Set consists of 5 natural stones namely Salagrama, Sonabathra, Banalingam, Swarnamuki, and Surya. You can buy them online.
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What is a Panchayatana Puja Set and Is it available in the US?

Panchayatana puja is a system of worshipingfive Hindu deities namely Lord Surya , Goddess Devi , Lord Vishnu , Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva .These five deities are represen
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Where can you have puja?

It can take place at home in front of a shrine or in a Hindu Temple(Mandir) it can even take place in public buildings as long asthere is a shrine. It most commonly takes pla