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What is a pullet?

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A pullet is a young chicken, more specifically a hen (female) at least 20-weeks-old which has begun to lay eggs but has not yet moulted.

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Immature female chicken called?

Pullet Pullet

What is pullet chicken?

A pullet is a young female chicken.

Is a pullet female or male?

A pullet is a female chicken.

What animal is a pullet?

A pullet is a young domestic hen.

How old is a pullet chicken?

Pullet is the term used for a hen under one year old.

Can a hawk also be called a pullet?

No..A pullet is a young hen chicken, just beginning to lay eggs.

What is the Feminine of cockerel?


What is young hen?


Is a pullet a female chicken that has not started to lay?

A pullet is a female chicken under the age of 1 year old.

What are the ratings and certificates for Pullet Surprise - 1997?

Pullet Surprise - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

What is the name of the chicken that lay eggs?

You are probably looking for the term...Pullet A pullet is a hen under a year old and in prime egg laying condition. After a pullet reaches their first year, they are referred to as hens.

What is the juvenile name of a chicken?


What is the diminutive of a hen?


What is a pullet chicken and is it a specific type or breed?

A pullet is a female layer hen that is just beginning to lay eggs. It is not a specific type of breed.

What is a young female chicken?

She is called a pullet.

What do you call the female of the chicken?

Pullet or Hen

Can you hatch pullet eggs?

Sadly not everyone is as well informed as you are! I like you, believe that you shouldn't hatch from pullet eggs, unless it is a rare breed and you have no option.

What is the difference between a pullet and a hen?

A pullet is a young hen, generally under one year old. A hen is an adult female bird of any age.

What is a poule chicken?

You might be looking for the word pullet. A pullet is a young female chicken that is not yet egg laying age. She is kind of the preteen version of a chicken.

How old is a pullet?

it's basically the equivalent of a teenager.

What is a young female domestic fowl called?

A pullet.

What is the name of a baby female chicken?


Where did the red pullet originate from?

heaven. in the 1700's

What are pullet chicks?

female baby chicks(chickens)

Is a pullet male or female?

young female chicken.