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What is a puma code for animal jam?


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There is no puma on animal jam.

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i think you buy the braceets

There is no glove code currently for Animal Jam.

There is no Animal Jam code, you just create an account.

an animal jam lion code is: Ackn5487652

The code prizes come to you directly after you type them in and log into animal jam.

A code you enter to get an arctic wolf on the game Animal Jam..

There is no such thing as a glove code on Animal Jam. Whoever wants a rare for a glove code is a SCAMMER, and that the glove code is FAKE.

There isn't a code for one million gems on Animal Jam, sorry.

there is no code you have to trade

well if you want animal jam second bday cake this is the code BIRTHDAYBASH

you have to go to Walmart and get an animal jam gift card, sorry

In the animal jam itself where it has the most containment

there are no animal codes or "key" codes if you are talking about animal jam

You can only get a Lion code on Animal Jam by purchasing a gift card online or at Toys-R-Us, and other stores. My dad bought an Animal Jam lion certificate and we got the code, but they take a while to be verified. Go to the Animal Jam website for more info! -ShinyFrost Animal Jam Player of Awesomeness! Epicness!

There is no such thing as a code for tail armors. They were once Membership Gifts for Animal Jam Club Members.

the code to the legendary glove in animal jam is lty6654789430. And if it does not work, then tell me. This is my username: Goldie96335. Thanks.

There is no code for a dolphin as this animal is available without codes!!

You do not get a code for a membership unless you buy an animal jam gift card which you can get at Toys R Us. It will have a code and you will get a 1 year membership and a rare lion animal.

I am sorry but there is no code for a dolphin.

An Animal Jam Code for January 2012 is... jamaalidays. No spaces or capitals.

Most of the time people have unused Animal Jam codes. But when you enter the code, it probably will not work.

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