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Rashes are even difficult for your family doctor to diagnose at times, so it's best to see your doctor right away. It could be simply an irritation from your bra or a plugged milk duct.

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What is a rash in the form of a red circle located above your pubic hair line?

Rash is red, sometimes itches and seems damp/wet. after applying powder with corn starch, rash will be dry for a short time. then will begin to itch and seem wet/damp. Any suggestions?

Rash in shape of a circle?

a rash comes in many shapes and sizes.

Is inflammatory breast cancer the most aggressive and least familiar form of breast cancer true or false?

Inflammatory breast cancer is the most aggressive and least common form of breast cancer. Grows rapidly, symptoms include pain, rapid increase in breast size, redness or rash on breast. Once it reaches lymph nodes it can rapidly spread to distant parts of the body.Answer: True

What is a rash in the shape of a circle on the head?

It might be ringworm. If it's just like, a circle that's not filled in, it's ringworm. If it's a filled in circle, it might be a normal rash that's, well, circle-shaped.

What is a circle itchy rash but is not ring worm?

It could be tape worm. Or a rash...see the doctor.

Does your face get a rash in the beginning of your pregnancy?

Actually, I used to believe that, but no. You don't get a rash. You may have some pain in your breast for producing breast milk. However, you don't get any symptoms on your face.

What is a red itchy circle inside by your anus?

a rash

What is a red rash shaped in a circle that does NOT itch?


What could a Rash on stomach in circle shape?

ring worm

What is a rash in the shape of a circle on arms and legs?

Ringworm I think

What is the plural nouns for rash?

The plural form for the noun rash is rashes.

Can magnoplasm paste be used on a raw rash my elderly mother has a raw red rash under her breast line that is spreading to her torso will this paste ease or control the rash?

maybe yes but it depends. try some rash ointments

I have breast cancer but now i have a rash on my breasts what is this?

It could be from treatment - see your doctor.

What are causes of breast cancer?

it is when it a lump nrear your breast a change of size of the shape of your breast a discharge from the nipple a feeling and color of your skin it will look like a rash or a misoto bite or a briuse

Non-itchy circular rash causing whiteness?

7 circular non itchy rash under my breast area had it for over 6 weeks what could it be?

How is Diaper rash avoided?

Diaper rash can be prevented by using cloth diapers and keeping the diaper area very clean, breast feeding, and changing diapers often

Non itchy circular rash under breast area 7?

I have some perfectly round red/pink spots under by breast and my doctor told me it was a fungal infection. Yes you can have rashes under the breast, from moisture, skin on skin contact.. many things can cause a breast rash.. I would recommend Pambra's The Original Bra Liner. Dr recommended to stop breast rashes for good..

What is a rash located on the back made up of white circles?

it's some sort of rash lol

Dark rash around your neck?

dark rash around neck i now that it is a form of exma

What is the plural word for rash?

The plural form is rashes because, you add -es to the singular rash.

Should you be worried about an itchy rash on your chest and underneath your breast in the 3rd trimester?

Ask your OB

Where is the fifth disease located at?

A rash appears on the cheek.

What is a rash in the shape of a circle with a dark center?

Tick bite - Lyme's Disease possibility.

What is a big red circle rash litke on the crease of her neck what could it be?

Might be ringworm.

What is the plural form of the word rash?

rashes! you idiot!

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