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There are so many skin rashes only a dermatologist could diagnose this. Please see at least your family doctor.

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What if your nipples itches and hurts and your lower abdomen feels full and it hurts sometimes what do you have?

maybe your getting your period.

How do you give a good hickey?

just suck on their neck or where ever you wanna give the hickey too, just suck it easy and make sure it doesn't hurt because some hickey hurts, just do it smooth and easy (:

What does an ear infection feel like?

i haven't gotten one but my sister has 5 times. She says it itches and really hurts. It doesn't really itch but it hurts and kinda stings.

Do yeast infections hurt?

yes,it itches, burns, is irritated, burns when you pee, hurts when you walk. You have extreme pain if you have intercourse.

Have a flat splotchy rash on lower back and butt does not itch or hurt?

I have a flat splotchy rash on my back and it hurts and itches; it burns also.

Why are tarantulas fuzzy?

because they shoot those hairs on its body when its scared it annoys the enemy it is like getting fiber glass stuck it you it kinda itches and hurts.

Why would a dog keep rubbing her back against the wall?

Because something is bothering her (itches or hurts) and she can't reach it. Check for fleas, rashes, irritation, etc.

Why does your skin cancer itch and hurt?

All because when you have a skin dease like Michael Jackson has but it itches because it hurts alot and its just so discusting to have a dease like that...

I was bitten by a hornet 3 days ago and it still hurts bad and also burns and itches really bad can some one tell me why?

u need to put vinegar

What should you do if your eleven and you got a recluse spider bite yesterday it hurts it itches and it swelled really big?

Go to your mom and ask her what she has for a bite like that. There is bite stuff you can put on it to help.

What is this rash i have on my head and under my foreskin area it itches a little hurts and all red and kind of swollen to?

an infection is possible, whens the last time you took a bath or wash yourself

What did john brown do and why do you think it put fear in the southern states?

My stummy hurts :'(

How long will the bug bite last if your right vaginal lip has one on the inside and the rest of your vagina hurts burns and itches?

That was the worst answer ever, but do not worry i have the same one on my lip and it REALLY ITCHES. try putting ice on it. it might be a mosquito bite or maybe a cold sore. if it gets worse i would see a doctor.

Does it mean your pregnant when your stomach itches in the top in the middile and hurts?

i think there is a slight possibility that you are, but i didnt experience the itching till i was atleast 5-6 months pregnant i also had a very hairy belly too

If a brown recluse bites you does it hurt when it happens?

Yes, or not enough to notice until you realize afterward, then it hurts.

How do you lose a hickey?

The best way is to take a soda bottle cap and press it firmly (but not too hard) on the hickey and twist, the idea is to break up the ruptured capilarries and that will make it go away faster that just waiting. It should not hurt, it should feel like lite scratching, if it hurts then you are doing it too hard. And by they way, a hickey is not an STD, it is simply ruputred capillaries in your skin (which is harmless) but if you wanna see for youself, stick a vaccume hose to your skin for a few mins, it will do the same thing.

How do tabby cats look?

I have a tabby cat that is really stubborn and white brown and black it really hurts when she attacks

Is it normal to itch ALL over with a herpes infection?

To be honest i dont know, but i am to having the same thing, i itch all around the sores and they are healing, a lot of people says it hurts but i dont find it painful at all. it just itches.

What is a brown itchy rash on a child's leg?

If the kid pokes at it and it hurts then it is probably a bruise, if it is not a bruise then that kid should be taken to the doctor

What causes very swollen taste buds that itch on the back of your tongue?

There is a virus that swells your tastebuds and eventually makes them blister. It hurts and itches. It could also be an allergic reaction though. If it is a virus then there is nothing you can do but take pain relievers and wait it out but you still should see a doctor.

Is swelling a sign of inflammation?

Sometimes, only if the area hurts, itches, burns or is red is it inflammed. If a body part is swolen but seems normal besides that it could be from something else like a lack or protiens. It could also be a sign of your body trying to fight a virus or something.

Is Michael Jackson Chris Browns idol?

Michael Jackson was in fact Chris browns idol Chris brown got all of his moves from Micheal Jackson Chris Brown idolised him and that what i think hurts him a lot

What hurts when you run and your side hurts?


How do you find out if you have damaged your back?

if it hurts if it hurts

What is an anagram for she hurts?

The anagram for the phrase "she hurts" is thrushes.This is the only available anagram for the phrase "she hurts".

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