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There are cases were it could be ring worm. Or it could be just due to sweat or sensitive skin. If it getting larger and in a circle, i would see a doctor.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-15 01:44:31
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Q: What is a rash on your arm in the crease where you bend it that burns and itches?
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Is latex rubber toxic?

No but if your skin burns, itches or breaks out in a rash your allergic

A fungus that grows on your feet and causes a rash that itches and burns is called?

athlete's foot.

Have a flat splotchy rash on lower back and butt does not itch or hurt?

I have a flat splotchy rash on my back and it hurts and itches; it burns also.

Why do rashes have cuts in skin?

cause its a rash? Maybe the rash itches a lot, and too much scratching has cut the skin.

What could a rash be by the penis area that itches and has dead skin when you itch it?


What does it mean when your cheek itches?

It might mean you have a rash to need a face wash

What kind of rash is a red ring with a white center and itches on your stomach?

Not sure if we are talking about the same rash. But my wife had a rash that matches yourdescription called the Bulls Eye Rash. Very itchy.

What can I put on this Rash on back and butt that constantly itches?

Calamine Lotion........maybe Lanacane

What rash has red bumps in a line and itches and leaves a small grey line?


What should you put on a rash that itches?

Nothing. Take diphenhydramine (Benadryl in the US) by mouth to cure a rash. If that doesn't work, see your doctor to find out what's causing the rash and get a cure for it.

Rash and you pruned a azalea bush yesterday can the rash be related to this?

i trimed my azala bushes yesterday ans anout an hr later both my arms formes a rash and it itches like the dickens didnt have this rash before??

What is a big red circle rash litke on the crease of her neck what could it be?

Might be ringworm.

How to treat a Rash on butt itches when air touches it?

wash with water an use moisturizing cream

Why would a puppy have a rash on her tummy and rub it on the carpet?

The rubbing is probably because it itches. As to the nature, cause, and treatment of the rash, you'd better see a vet.

The skin around my penis itches and it's not an std what is it and why does it itch?

maybe it is jock itch or heat rash

Does laundry detergent give you bumps if your allergic?

yes, I get small bump rash, and itches. I take benadril

Weird rash which itches when I scratch it it becomes white. It is on the inner thigh what can I do to get rid of it?

You have to rub your rash with white chocolate and then rub it hard with lotion. It DOES really work.

Red rash on your arms legs and back that itches and makes your body feel swollen?

poison ivy or oak

What does it means if your vagina itches really bad and you have a weird pimple looking rash on your inner thigh.?

Try washing it. >.>

When was Nicole Rash born?

Nicole Rash was born on October 31, 1984, in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

You are eighteen your left nipple itches what does that mean?

Uh... are u a girl?? Breast cancer? Rash? Are you a boy? Rash? Your nipple just itches maybe? But if its all the time, you might wanna get that checked out, man. It's nothing....just an itch...i suggest you leave it alone/ignore it because otherwise it is going to get worse.

What can you do for a salt water skin rash?

Rinse off the salt water first thing. If the rash itches, take an antihistamine (ie benadryl). You may be able to calm the rash with a cool low fat milk compress (helps the rash heal) or by using a non-fragrant cream like aloe or diaper rash cream.

Red rash around vagina area that itches but no discharge nor pain only the discomfort of the itch?

s'probably jock itch

If your skin itches and it is red what does this mean?

allergic reaction, fell in stinging nettles, rash, havent washed soap off your skin.

What could be the cause for a rash that itches and comes back once a month usually when i am on my period?

Hives. Hives are caused from stress. I had hives for a year. They came and went every day. It looks just like a rash.