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International background checks are professional investigations conducted by a background check or private investigation company with field offices or field investigators in the foreign country or countries involved in your case. The purpose is to minimize risk in foreign hiring, international business and relationships.

Real international background check investigations can involve criminal and court records, asset searches, education and employment, passport and visa verification, travel records, civil and public records, marriage history, neighbor testimony, businesses, etc. Searching criminal records is not a background check, but only a part of the investigation. Many companies claim to offer background checks but only search generic databases. In fact, searching databases is not an option in many developing countries. An investigator on the ground accessing local records, speaking the same language, and conducting real investigation is the only way. Any website claiming otherwise is a scam. Fortunately, there are some options available. Companies such as Kroll and Wymoo® International have well established reputations and do offer the service. If there is only one foreign country involved, consumers also have the option of contacting a private investigator in that country directly, although this can be a higher risk option due to language and cultural barriers.

Always verify the company has field investigators, offices or agents in the country where you need the investigation. Making phone calls or searching the internet from abroad is not an investigation, and is not worth a dime. A real background check is a professional investigation; skilled investigators are required.

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Q: What is a real international background check investigation?
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