What is a rear defog relay?

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The rear window defog relay is what keeps fog from building up on the rear window. It works by using current to warm the window to prevent moisture buildup that can hinder visibility.

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Q: What is a rear defog relay?
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2001 Yukon Heated mirrors don't work when rear defrost is on?

Only thing I can come up with is the wires going up into the fuse block where the rear defrost relay (RR DEFOG label in the manual) are switched so when the relay is activated, which normally turns on both mirror heaters and the rear defog, is turning off the mirrors and turning on the rear defog. You need to unbolt the fuse block mount so you can lift it up and pull the RR Defog relay wires out the bottom and reverse the two circuit wires but not the two supply wires. Wish I could say right now what colors they are, but I don't have that. Odd situation...

Where is the rear window defogger relay located on a 1990 Riviera you've looked in the relay centre under the hood and in the centre console relay boxes but can't find where the rear defog relay is?


What does the rr defog fuse control in a 1997 Chevy truck?

The rear window defrost/defog heater grid.

Rear window defog on 69 Chevelle convertible?

never made them as far as I know.

1997 Buick lesabre radio antenna?

located in back window with rear defog

Where is the rear defogger relay on a 1989 Toyota Camry?

where is the rear defogger relay located in a Toyota Camry

Where is the rear window defroster relay on a 97 firebird?

rear window defroster relay in a 97 Pontiac firebird

Where is the rear blower relay on a 2003 Tahoe?

Chevrolet Tahoe rear blower relay switch can be found behind the dashboard. The relay switch will be behind the drivers side dashboard.

Is there an inline fuse to the rear defroster in a 1991 Pontiac Firebird?

I'm sure there is a fuse somewhere, but the electrical connections for the rear defog are made thru the struts that hold the rear hatch open. this is why if you buy new struts for that car they will ask you does it have rear defog. the struts you need must have an electrical connecter at the forward end with a wire attached to each strut. go look.

Where is the rear blower motor relay on a 1996 Mercury Villager?

The Rear Blower Motor Relay is located near the rear wiper amplifier, behind the rear LH quarter trim panel.NOTE: Ford does not provide a picture location of the Rear Blower Motor Relay. Ford only provides a written location and an image (see below) that shows the general area that the Relay is in. Full Body View

Where is the relay for a rear window defrost on a 2005 Chrysler 300?

The 2005 Chrysler 300 rear window defrost relay switch can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The rear window defrost relay switch will be near the center console.

Where do you get defog in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant get defog because you dont need defog in the game

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