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because you like it

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Q: What is a reason that you can pick clothes as your invention?
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Why did the invention the clothes wringer?

She invented the clothes ringer to dry clothes making it easier to wash clothing.

What is the reason for the invention for hula hoop?

to have fun

How do you get dressed?

you pick some clothes and put them on

What does doubt is the father of invention mean?

Doubt had sexual intercourse with Reason and she gave birth to Invention

What is the compound verb in the sentence pick up your clothes please and then vacuum and dust?

pick up

How did homo erectus get their clothes?

The species Homo erectus predates the invention of clothing. They had fur.

Who picks out Justin bieber's clothes?

himself :) His "swagger coach", Ryan Good helps him pick out his clothes.

What was the reason for the telephone invention?


What are three historical developments that were shaped by the invention of blue jeans?

equality tv new clothes

How do you by clothes for your stardoll?

You go to the Starplaza and pick a store. Go in and pick something you like that's in your price range!

What is the initial reason and primary use for the invention?

increase blood pressure

How do you move items to your bazar on stardoll?

Go into bazaar or sell items and pick the clothes that it lets you pick. By that I mean only certain things you can sell. Like clothes no longer in starplaza or suiteshop.