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A. To explain how killing an enemy soldier affected the narrator.

B. To explain why his character dropped a grenade by an opposing soldier

C. To explain why the narrator of the story is telling the tale

D. all of the above

Answer: D. All of the above

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cause - reason effect - result, outcome

The narrator waits in ambush; The narrator sees the Vietnamese soldier; The narrator is afraid; The narrator throws a grenade; The Vietnamese soldier is killed.

Cause and effect relationship is a relationship between of two events which is the cause (a reason of a thing ) and a effect (a result or product of the reason) that's all . Thank you!!!!!!! Jayson libres / phillipines

A cause and effect relationship in which the cause presented is not necesarily the reason that explains the effect. It is due to another cause.

How this sentance can be transformed into a cause and an effect is by saying.......the cause would be not knowing how to make this sentance into a cause and an effect.The effect would be you asking for help to make it a cause and effect sentance.

An example of confusing cause and effect is observing that the ground is wet, and assuming that is the reason why it is raining.

Cause is the reason something happens. For instance, the cause of something falling is gravity. Effectis the result that happens due to the cause. For instance, the effect of gravity is the falling of the object. They are pretty much opposite.

Fate. Or God. Or, simply as a result of cause and effect.

Cause is the reason for an action or condition or something that brings about an effect or a result -

Cause and effect is a form of analysis that examines the causes and consequences of events and event or characteristic is the result of another.When something happens and there is a reason for it happening then it is called a cause. The effect is the result of something happening.

The coreect spelling of the conjunction is because(implying a reason or cause for an effect).

If you do something for a reason of gaining an effect, and the effect takes place it is therefore cause and effect. If you eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise which results in you health cost being less and your health improving, that is a fine example of cause and effect. Geneii

the different between cause and effect.... cause=what cause the problem or what cause it to become a problem effect=what effect did it have on it hope that help u(:

a effect is something when you slove it after a cause a effect is something when you slove it after a cause a effect is something when you slove it after a cause

Cause: Need to communicateEffect: LanguageCause: Need for foodEffect: Development of toolsCause: Changes in climate patternsEffect: MigrationsCause: Farming communitiesEffect: Growth of towns

Cause An Effect was created in 2005.

The problem is not cause, effect is the problem

Cause: Storm Effect: Damage

An effect comes about as a result of a cause and a cause makes an effect happen.

A cause makes an effect happen, and an effect comes about as a result of a cause.

The Greenhouse effect is when all of the carbon is burned off and rises up, the atmosphere traps the heat in, which is one reason for global warming

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