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Please go onto: TYPE IN: Recipes for Greek Gyros By doing this you'll even see pictures of other things served with Greek Gyros and the recipes. Marcy

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Q: What is a recipe that is served with Greek gyros?
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What is a good recipe for Greek Gyros?

Try looking online for recipes. YouTube always has how-to-do instructions for cooking. There are also recipes on how to cook Greek Foods. "Authentic Greek Recipes" is sold for $29.98. Food recipe websites will have a recipe for Gyros as well.

Where can I find a recipe for gyros?

The easiest and best free recipes for Greek gyros can be found online at the Food Network website or I hope the gyros turn out well for you.

What is gyros in Greek?

Um, gyros. That's like saying "how do you say Lo Mein in Chinese"

What enjoys Greek?

I like gyros and souvlaki.

Can you make Gyros at home with a pork loin strip and a rotissere?

Sure, Greek-style gyros (as opposed to Turkish-style gyros) often use pork souvlaki as their "meat" ingredient. While it would be better to use pork tenderloin and a grill, I see no reason why properly spiced rotisserie pork loin would not work.For an idea of what to do, please see this pork souvlaki gyro recipe: Homemade Greek Pork Gyros

What is a good recipe for a homemade version of gyros?

There are several great recipes for gyros, whether you want to use lamb or not. Here is a lamb recipe you might want to try.

What are gyros seasoned with?

Gyro or Gyros is a Greek dish, a sandwich or wrap, the Gyro consist of meat usually lamb, pork or beef, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce, for the sandwich/wrap it would be served in a pita.Please see related link below!

What are some easy Greek food recipes?

Gyros are an easy Greek dish along with many Greek salads chock full of chopped veggies and cheese. Greek cusine also includes many simple stews and soups. Greek pinto beans is an easy recipe baked in an oven.

What is a Greek Gyro recipe?

A gyro is a wrap that is typically filled with pork, tzatziki, and vegetables. I have never made gyros so all I can suggest is to look on a cooking website or in a cook book.

What is the most famous Greek dish?

Grilled Lamb dishes or Gyros, Greek Salad, and wine

What does the greek word pezeli?

Pezeli is a greek dish served with peas and potatoes. Ushally comes with a meze maybe google the recipe? A gorgeous dish for anyone!

Where can I find a Gyros recipe?

A good Gyro meat with tzazitki sauce recipe can be found with It has star based consumer reviews and easy to follow step by step instructions on how to prepare it

Is pita bread a greek food?

Yes pita bread is greek. Have you ever had gyros?? My god, the best food in the world. Greeks have the best food!!

What kind of foods do they eat in Greece?

GREEK FOOD!! Seafood, feta cheese, cucumber and tomato salads, gyros.

What are some popular foods served in Trinidad and Tobago?

Roti is one of the popular foods served in Trinidad and Tobago. Other popular foods include doubles, curried crab with dumplings, and gyros.

What to make with leftover gyros meat?

If you have leftover gyros, there are many potential possibilities. you can make a stir-fry with different veggies and spices or turn your gyros into pulled pork.

What does greek food taste like?

very good! but i am bias i am Greek ;D look up food such as: Baklava, spanikopita, gyros, souvlaki, saganaki, avgolemono -they are the more popular dishes

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How long are Gyros marinated?

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What makes the recipe baked shrimp with feta greek?

it's a traditional Greek dish

What is a good recipe for mousaka?

a greek food which rocks

What would be a food that the Greek gods would eat-need recipe for HS project?

The Greek gods fed on nectar and ambrosia. The trouble is nobody has found a recipe.

What types of gyros sandwiches are there?

Pork !!