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I am assuming you mean Clonazepam. Go see your doctor. Don't try to get off any drug by yourself. A doctor will very slowly taper your dose down over weeks. Getting off a drug that is addictive must be done very carefully. Some people have to be hospitalized because they try to stop taking it themselves. Your body has to get use to not having the drug very slowly or it can be a shock to the system. This advice is for any one who is on any medication and who wants to stop taking it. A doctor is essential.

Especially if a person has been abusing the drug. One could die because of the withdrawal. The same is true for alcoholics. They should never stop or even try to stop drinking with out a Doctor helping them. Alcoholics die each year because of withdrawal. See a Doctor.

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Taking clonipin for several years and being overweight how long could this show up in your system?

I personally had been taking 3mg of Klonopin every day from 2002 to 2007, before that (since 1999) I had been taking either Valium, Zanax, Librium, or Ativan at varying dosages. So in total I had been on Benzodiazepines for approximately 8.5 years. I had to get off of Klonopin in order to be able to take a certain other medication. I was tapered down by my doctor, while getting weekly urinalysis tests to make sure it was completely out of my system before starting the other medication. It took nearly 6 weeks for it to be cleared from my system. I am 5'10" and at the time weighed around 205# with a body fat % of around 30.

During high school would taking 3 years of Spanish and then switching to taking 3 years of Mandarin Chinese affect your getting accepted into a college like UVA?

No, it will not make a difference. Actually it may be a plus.

Why should you stop taking Tylenol arthritis?

No reason, as far as I know, except that Tylenol is bad for your liver in high doses. Be very careful about taking high doses of Tylenol. In people that taking more than the recommended dosage, it has contributed to a lot of liver disease over the years.

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If you were on the pill for 3 years went off of it for 3 weeks and now want to go back on it is it okay to start it again after not taking it for a month?

Absolutely. You can start taking it whenever. It is recommended that you start taking the pill when you start your period. So I would suggest you wait until you get your period then start again.

Chlorphenamine maleate side effect on pregnant women?

If you are pregnant, check in with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication. About thirty years ago, this was recommended to me for allergies while I was pregnant.

What classes must a high school student have taken before applying to UCLA?

It requires: 4 years of English 1 year of Fine Arts 2 years of Foreign Language(3 recommended) 2 years of history 3 years of Math(4 recommended) 2 years of Science(3 recommended).

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What is the recommended schedule of vaccination for tetanus?

7 years

How many years of a language must you have to get into BYU?

None. Two years are recommended, but you can get in without.

Can homeopathy cure Meniere?

I am also suffering with Minere's since last four years. I am taking treatment from MERF. But as your mentioned I am taking vertin 16 mg thrice a day. Along with this medicen i am taking homeopathy from last 5 moths. Now a days I am not getting siver guidiness but once in a while i am getting mild attack. Worth trying good homeopathy doctor.

How many years can I get my psychology diploma?

A student can expect to spend at least seven years getting a degree in psychology, starting with a bachelor's degree then the master's degree, followed by a PhD. It is recommended to spend time in practice before proceeding with a PhD.

What is the recommended dose of vitamin A or the most you should daily before you overdose?

Males 14-18 years old recommended 900 to a maximum of 2800 μg/day 19 - 70 years old recommended 900 to a maximum of 3000 μg/day Females 14-18 years old recommended 700 to a maximum of 2800 μg/day 19 - 70 years old recommended 700 to a maximum of 3000 μg/day Note pregnant / lactating females and children require/have different limits.

Why are protein drinks not recommended for under sixteen years of age?

Protein drinks are not recommended for those under the age of 18.

Should you flush car's coolant?

Yes, as recommended by the manufacturer. Generally recommended every 5 years or 100K miles.

What is the punishment for involuntary manslaughter in pa?

15 years recommended

What is the shelf life of citric acid?

3 years recommended

A longterm goal taking years to achieve can be broken down into shorterterm goals each taking years to achieve.?

15; 5

You are 60 years old what kind of dietary supplements are recommended for seniors?

Taking dietary supplements and what kind are best for you in your stage of life is a question that should be addressed with your doctor. Your specialized needs may include calcium and vitamin D, but you don't know if supplements could interact with whatever medications you are currently taking.

When is surgery recommended for atrial septal defects?

during the preschool years

When do you expect your next period when you stop taking Yasmin after taking it for 3 years?

I was on the pill (Yasmin) for 5 years and got my period 4 days after I stopped taking it. Everyone is different though.

How long does it take to complete 92 credit hours?

Approximately three years, however this can be cut down by taking summer and interim sessions.Approximately three years, however this can be cut down by taking summer and interim sessions.Approximately three years, however this can be cut down by taking summer and interim sessions.Approximately three years, however this can be cut down by taking summer and interim sessions.Approximately three years, however this can be cut down by taking summer and interim sessions.Approximately three years, however this can be cut down by taking summer and interim sessions.

How often should I have a medical checkup?

Healthy adults should get a checkup every two years. The exception is that once a person reaches 50 years of age, they should get a checkup every year, even if healthy. People taking medications or with health conditions should get them as often as recommended by their physician.

Can you kiss at 9 years of age?

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There are many different requirements that need to be met if you are really considering going to this great university. First comes the SUBJECT requirements: (Minimum requirements) History/Social Science: 2 years required English: 4 years required Mathematics: 3 years required, 4 years recommended Laboratory Sciences: 2 years required, 3 years recommended Language other than English: 2 years required, 3 years recommended Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year required College Preparatory Electives: 1 year required Second comes TEST Requirements: You must submit scores on approved core test of mathematics, language arts and writing by taking either the ACT Assessment PLUS ACT writing test (no combine scoring used - score will only be from one seating) OR the SAT reasoning test with critical reading, mathematics and writing. You also need in addition, two SAT subject Tests in two different subject areas. If you are taking mathematics they only accept level 2 and if you are taking English you can do anything but English. *** You need to obviously fill out the application for admittance to the university, which will require you to write essays and fill out a lot of different information about yourself. The application will let you know whether you need teacher recommendations. The university will also probably require for you to send in your high school transcripts and mid year reports. I'm sure it'll say on the application as well.

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