What is a recommended way of getting off clonipin after taking it for 5 years?

I am assuming you mean Clonazepam. Go see your doctor. Don't try to get off any drug by yourself. A doctor will very slowly taper your dose down over weeks. Getting off a drug that is addictive must be done very carefully. Some people have to be hospitalized because they try to stop taking it themselves. Your body has to get use to not having the drug very slowly or it can be a shock to the system. This advice is for any one who is on any medication and who wants to stop taking it. A doctor is essential.

Especially if a person has been abusing the drug. One could die because of the withdrawal. The same is true for alcoholics. They should never stop or even try to stop drinking with out a Doctor helping them. Alcoholics die each year because of withdrawal. See a Doctor.