What is a recorder?

A recorder is basically a long tube with holes on the side that has been around since 1400 ad. (Its first apperance in a painting)

There are music composed for recorder from maybe 11th century onwards and also some contemporary composers have made music for the recorder.

There isn't a standard recorder although someone might know the recorder from its elementary school use (plastic soprano C recorder). Recorders come in 12 different sizes and professionally most commonly used would be the alto recorder in F. Recorder has a range of two and half octaves. The recorder is mostly used in early music composed in 11th century to 18th century.

Recorders are made from different species of wood like boxwood, olive, grenadilla, rosewood etc. There are also recorders made out of plastic but those are only usable for practicing (you can play wooden recorder for only an hour straight then you need to let it dry - a plastic recorder can be played all day)