What is a recurring decimal?

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That means that the decimals repeat indefinitely, as in:
The repetition may start after some initial digits that are not part of the pattern, as in:
A recurring decimal is a number which is written in decimal notation and in which, after a finite number of digits, a string of digits repeats for ever more. The repeating string need not start straight after the decimal point. For example, 5/26 = 0.1923076923076... with the string 923076 (but not the 1 at its start) repeating for ever.

Can shingles recur?

\n. \n Recurrence of the shingles \n. \nYes, it can. The shingles is caused by the same virus -- herpes zoster -- that causes the chicken pox. As human beings' life expectancy increases, we are discovering that some diseases caused by viruses and once believed to be one-time events are recu ( Full Answer )

What does recurring mean?

Something is recurring if it happens on a regular or even irregular basis. A recurring nightmare is one that you've had in the past on more than one occasion.

What is the symbol for recurring decimals?

A recurring decimal is shown by a dot over a recurring singledigit, or a dot over the first and a dot over the last of asequence of recurring digits. eg 1/3 = 0.333... would be written as 0.3 with a dot over the 3; eg 1/6 = 0.1666... would be written as 0.16 with a dot over the 6; eg 2/11 = 0.18181 ( Full Answer )

Why does the answer to 1 divided by 7 have only 6 recurring decimal places?

1 divided by 7 better yet look at this: 1/7=0. 142857 1428571428571428571428571 2/7=0.2857 142857 142857142857142857142 3/7=0.42857 142857 14285714285714285714 4/7=0.57 142857 14285714285714285714285 5/7=0.7 142857 142857142857142857142857 6/7=0.857 142857 1428571428571428571428 The ( Full Answer )

Find a common fraction for the recurring decimal 0.7777?

Way 1 Let, x be 0.7777......... Now, 10x=7.777777....... => 10x=7+0.777...... => 10x=7+x => 9x=7 =>x=7/9 Way 2 x = 0.7777... 10x = 7.7777... -1x = -.7777... 9x = 7.0 = 7 9x = 7 ÷ 9 ÷9 7 - = 0.7777... 9 Either, way, the answer is 0.7777... is equal to ( Full Answer )

What is recurring account?

recurring means. the number goes on and on and on... e.g. 0.3 (recurring) = 0.33333333... A recurring account could refer to an account which you pay regularly - an account which recurs - such as a telephone account.

How do you change a recurring decimal to a fraction?

Here are two ways, but based on how exact and precise you want your answers to be changes which one you would use: . 1) Simply round the decimal up and then convert into a fraction . or........ . 2) If the decimal has a digit to the left side of the period, use this as the whole number and ( Full Answer )

If a dot is placed above each of the digits in the decimal 0.0123456789 to indicate a recurring decimal can you express this as a fraction detailing all your working?

Let n = 0.0123456789 recurring. 10 10 n = 123456789.0123456789 recurring. 10 10 n - n = 123456789. 9999999999n = 123456789. n = 123456789/9999999999 = 0.0123456789 recurring. Therefore the recurring decimal 0.0123456789 expressed as a fraction is 123456789/9999999999. Check it out on your calcu ( Full Answer )

Recurring in a sentence?

Jane was cursed with recurring migraines and she wanted to know how she could stop them from coming back. The doctor told her she would need special medicine.

How you express recuring decimals in fractional form?

There is a trick to doing this. Let's take an easy example first and work though it. Then a slightly harder one. It is easier to show how it is done that to explain how to do it. So look at .1 repeating. let x=.1 repeating, I will write .111...since answers.com does not have a way to place the bar ( Full Answer )

What is 2 recurring as a decimal fraction?

0.2222........ as a fraction is 2 / 9 . As a fraction with 10, 10 2 , 10 3 .....and so on (positive integer powers of 10) as the denominator then the given fraction becomes increasingly accurate but still remains an approximation.

What is 0.33 recurring?

Suppose f = 0.33... recurring then 10*f = 3.33... recurring Subtracting the first equation from the second, 9*f = 3 so f = 3/9 = 1/3.

Rewrite 0.5216216216... as a recurring decimal and explain how you do it please?

The question has already put the number in a recurring decimal form. It can be presented as 0.5216 with a line over the numbers 2,1 and 6 to indicate that those three numbers in that same sequence are repeated forever. This line is known as a vinculum. Earlier mathematics used dots above the number( ( Full Answer )

How do you convert fractions to recuring decimals?

Converting fractions to any kind of decimal is done in exactly the same way: divide the numerator by the denominator. The reverse of converting a recurring decimal to a fraction is done: Look at the digits that recur in the decimal. Count how many there are and then put the recurring digits as ( Full Answer )

How do you turn recurring decimals into fractions?

-- Take one whole set of the digits that repeat in the decimal. Write them as the numerator of the fraction. -- For the denominator of the fraction, write a group of 9s ... thesame number of them as there are digits in the numerator. -- Simplify the fraction, if possible and if you feel like it.

Can anorexia recur?

Yes, anorexia can recur. It usually ends up being a life-long struggle because the person learned how to deal with their problems by exerting control over their own bodies and it is a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

How do you express the recurring decimal 0.1262626 as a fraction?

whenever you have a recurring decimal the recurring part is divided by a multiple of 9, in this case 26/99. but there is a 1 before the recurring part so it would become 26/990, and next to add in the 0.1, just add 99 to 26. the final answer would be 125/990.

How do you do recurring decimals to a percentage?

Multiplying decimals by 100 will convert them to percentages. If you wish to remove the recurring decimal, convert it to a fraction by putting the recurring digit(s) as the numerator over a denominator of the same number of 9s and reducing the fraction to its lowest terms. Examples . 0.3333 ( Full Answer )

How can you find the 2001st digit of a recurring decimal?

Assume the decimal starts recurring immediately after the decimal point. (If the recurring string starts after k digits, then you want to find the (2001-k)th digit instead.) Find the length of the recurring string = L Find the remainder when 2001 is divided by L = R The 2001st digit is the Rth digi ( Full Answer )

What fraction will produce this recurring decimal 166166166?

Call this number "x", equal to 0.166166166... 1000x = 166.166166166... x = 0.166166166... Subtract the second equation from the first, you get: 999x = 166 Solving for x: x = 166/999. Note: I multiplied by 1000, because three digits are repeating (and 1000 has 3 digits).

Why does cellulitis recur?

There are many factors which may influence and cause recurrence of this type medical conditions. First of all, people who already experienced cellulitis most probably belong to group who are more likely than others to get cellulitis infection - please look for more details in cellulitis risk factors ( Full Answer )

What is recuring theme for?

To re-express or confirm the theme (thought of philosophy) that the writer wishes to convey. This desire to re-express may be because the writer wishes to impress it upon the reader to the point of the dumbest one finally comprehending it - or just for the joy of doing so.

What is recurring billing?

Recurring billing is billing that happens more than one time - on a cycle, usually on a monthly or yearly basis. Utility bills are an example of recurring bills. With online recurring billing, customers' credit cards are charged each month (or week, day year etc. depending on the billing cycle) to p ( Full Answer )

What is hybrid recurring?

A hybrid is a mix of things to form one. Usually the goal of a hybrid is to gain some advantage that neither of the two originals could achieve alone. Non- recurring regards to monetary charges, ( you are billed once). More or less, it is something that happens a single instance

What is recurring document?

There are some business transactions which occur regularly at fixed intervals. Examples are rent payment ; p ayment of term loan installment and payment of vehicle loan installment. In order to post this type of transactions we can use this recurring document functionality. To use the recurring docu ( Full Answer )

How do you spell recure?

The correct spelling of the common verb is recur (to occur again). *The spelling recure is an obsolete term for either arrive, regain, or restore.

What are recurring wants?

It is a basic problem of economics: There are limited economic resources (land, raw material, labour, capital and intellect.) to meet with unlimited and recurring wants. We have to make choice between available aternate resources to meet with these recurring wants.

What is recurring decimal fraction?

It means that of the a digit or a group of digits, the figure to be repeated an infinite number of times at the end of a decimal fraction. For example, try dividing 100 by 3. The answer is 33.333333333333. The number 3 after the decimal point can not bring the equation to a final conclusion and repe ( Full Answer )

What is 66.6 recurring?

Two thirds of 100. If you divide 100 by 3 you get 33.333333 continued to an infinite amount of places. x2 gives 66.666666 to an infinite amount of places. Recurring means it just keeps going

How do you find square root 0.5 recurring decimal?

If x = 0.5555555555 rec then 10x = 5.55555555 rec Therefore through subtraction 9x = 5 As a result 0.555555 rec = 5/9 therefore root of 0.5555 rec = root 5/ root 9 Which is root5/3

Does rabies recur?

Rabies does not recur, because the first occurence is almostinvariably fatal (the number of known survivors of rabies inall of history is in the single digits, and that's despite thebest possible medical care). It's a very, very serious disease.

What is a decimal number that ends or recurs?

Decimal numbers that end or recur are known as terminating orrepeating decimals. 0.75 is a terminating decimal. 0.4444 repeating is a repeating decimal.

Why recurring decimals are not put on labels?

There would simply not be enough space to print all recurringdecimals on a label. Plus recurring decimals and infinite inlength, meaning this is not really possible.