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Q: What is a red eyed tree frogs ecosystem with lots of description?
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What is a description of the frogs skin?

well first its got lots of layes overly and i am expert on frogs becoz i work in a frogs place called levon frog

What animals live in a pond ecosystem?

It depends. Frogs, mice, owls, squirrels, mosquitoes, and turtles are just some. There can be lots of different plants, too. Dog-tooth violets, delphinium, is plants for loamy soil, coneflowers and black eyed susans for clay.

What animals live in the understory of rain forests?

Jaguars, red-eyed tree frogs, and leopards. There are also lots of insects here.

What is in a bullfrogs ecosystem?

Bull frogs live in swampy enviroments. That includes lots of water, bugs and mud. They are commonly found in swamps, marshes and ponds.

Why are ponds so important?

Ponds are so important because lots of animals or plants live in their such as frogs, fishes, Lilly pads, and much more so that's why they are so important for the ecosystem!

How many frogs are there in Africa?

There are 7 frogs in Africa and they have lots of mustardy pickles on them

How do you make frogs lifetime frogs on pocket frogs?

Lifetime Frogs refers to the number of frogs you have ever owned during your game time. So get lots of froggies! :)

How many gametes do frogs have?


Why do frogs give birth to lots of eggs?

Frogs lay a lot of eggs because a lot of animals eat tadpoles and small frogs including other frogs.

What is a giraffes ecosystem?

a giraffe ecosystem is a bunch of giraffes living in one place with elephants and lions and lots of grass an trees with lots of other animals.

What animals live in Dedham?

lots of frogs

What is a neotropical rainforests?

Neotropical rain forest are places where lots and lots of Red eyed tree frog's live.

What to feed tiny frogs?

lots of bugs :D

What is a description of a flood?

Check in the dictionary Einstein! Lots and lots of water -.-

What animal does not use camouflage?

lots of animals do not. poisonous frogs do not.

Where to find a frog?

At frog lake. There are lots of bull frogs there.

Description of a telephone?

It is an electrical thing to use to call people and it uses lots and lots of money as well as it costs lots and lots of money

What to snakes eat?

frogs and deer and rabbits and lots of other things

Why is biodiversity in nature is important?

biodiversity increases ecosystem productivity with all the species in that ecosystem , no matter their size,have a big role. A diverse ecosystem can prevent and recover from lots of disasters.

What is thebreathing organ infrogs?

skin. lots of frogs breath via skin.

What special adaptations does a tuna have to survive its ecosystem.?

eats lots of food

What is the job description for a nurse?

there are lots of things to be a nurse

Do frogs like the light?

Yes, because they get warm and lots of bugs are around to eat.

What type of ecosystem does a red panda live in?

a forest place with lots of bamboo

What are good things to debate about?

Politics, human rights, our ecosystem, lots of stuff.