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It could be shingles go see a doctor right away

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Q: What is a red itchy rash that started on the sides of your tummy and you started itching it and it's now down both sides of your stomach under your armpit on your shoulder blade and neck?
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What is an armpit?

An armpit is a cavity found beneath the junction of the arm and the shoulder.

What is the part beneath the shoulder that begins with arm?

The part beneath the shoulder that begins with arm is armpit

What can be the cause of a burning itching red sore in armpit?

Ingrown hair most likely.

What age do you start growing armpit hair?

I am 12 and i started growing armpit hair at 11.

What Human body part is located under the shoulder area that starts with arm?


Where would you find the lion mark?

In the armpit area, just under the lions shoulder.

What is the white circle in my armpit?

The white circle in your armpit could indicate a fungal infection. A fungal infection would cause symptoms such as pain and itching. The only way to know for sure what it is to seek medical advice from your doctor.

What is the definition of axillary recess?

The axillary recess refers to the lower portion of the shoulder joint that is at the top of the armpit.

Have you started puberty if you have a tiny bit of armpit hair?

Yes, you usually get pubic hair before armpit hair, which are both signs of Puberty has begun.

What is an axilla?

An axilla is the medical name for the armpit - the cavity beneath the junction of the arm and the shoulder.

How long does it take for armpit hair to grow?

Once it has started about 6 months roughly

What is the right age for removing armpit hair?

Well, i am 12 and i started shaving when i was 11

What body part is attached to the arm?

The wrist and the shoulder can be considered attachment areas of the arm. The arm is attached to - the neck at the shoulder - the torso (chest, back) at the sides of the shoulder and the armpit - the hand at the wrist

How do you measure armpit to armpit?

With armpit hair he he he I'm drunk

Why was armpit from holes called armpit?

because he smells like armpit

In holes what is Theodore Roosevelt nickname?


What if you have pubic hair but no armpit hair and you still haven't hit Puberty?

Pubic hair comes before armpit hair, sometimes by a few years. As long as you have pubic hair, you have started Puberty. Give it time to begin. Some boys will not see armpit hair until they are 19.

What does it mean when you run and your left shoulder starts to thump?

I'm not a doctor, but pain or pressure in the left armpit or shoulder -- especially when under stress -- is usually a symptom of a heart attack. Don't ignore this. If it were me, I'd call 911 immediately.

What is Theodore's nick name in holes?

Theodore's nickname in Holes (both book and movie) is Armpit. Although in the movie, they make out that it is because he has bad armpit odour, it is actually because, while at Camp Green Lake Correctional Facility, he was bitten by a scorpian. He was actually bitten in the forearm, but the pain travelled up to his armpit. He started complaining about the pain in his armpit, and therefore he was nicknamed Armpit. This information was showcased in Louis Sachar's sequel to Holes: Small Steps. This story is intirely about Armpit, taking small steps to regain a usual life.

What is armpit fungus?

its a fungus that on your armpit

Do dolphins have armpit hair?

No dolphins do not have armpit hair, in fact they don't even have an armpit!

What parts of Bethany Hamilton arm got bitten off?

Her arm got bitten off all the way up to her armpit, just below the shoulder

I only have arm pit hairs will I start puberty?

Growing armpit hair is a sign you have already started puberty.

What age girls armpit hair started?

13 years age, soon after breast buds have begun to grow.

Why does armpit get the name armpit in holes?

At Camp Green Lake, he gets stung under his armpit by a scorpion and he keeps on talking about how much his armpit hurts. Therefore, his nickname beocmes Armpit. Hope this helps :)