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What is a refugee?

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  • A Person Who Had To Leave There Country Because Of War Or natural disaster .etc.

it is a place where you can be safe

The English word 'refugee' means an exile who flees for safety

migrated ones are called refuges.

ANSWER 2: The Awake magazine is always very information. Here is a portion of an article on refugees. Many of them have been traumatized by war and suffer from hunger and thirst. Few have known a normal family life, and many will never return to their homes. They are the poorest of the world's poor.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees divides these impoverished wanderers into two groups. A refugee is defined as someone who flees his country because of a well-founded fear of persecution or violence. An internally displaced person has likewise been forced to leave his home because of war or similar grave dangers, but he still resides in his own country.*The end of the 20th Century has not brought an end to the bloodshed and persecution that force people to run for their lives. Tens of millions of people have ushered in the new millennium in refugee camps and at other temporary shelters, afraid that they will be killed if they dare to return to their homes."-Bill Frelick, U.S. Committee for Refugees.

Despite the dangers, the ranks of the world's economic refugees are swelling inexorably. About half a million people are smuggled into Europe each year; and another 300,000, into the United States. Back in 1993, the United Nations Population Fund estimated the worldwide number of migrants to be 100 million, of which over a third had settled in Europe and the United States. Since then, the number has doubtless increased considerably.

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A female refugee is a refugee. A male refugee is a refugee.The noun 'refugee' is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female.

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If and when a refugee settles permanently in a safe foreign country he/she ceases to be a refugee.

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A return refugee is a refugee who returns to his or her home country.

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A religious refugee is a refugee from a religion. This refugee has been forced to leave their home and the country because of their religion.

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